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An Interview With Allstar Weekend

Allstar Weekend is easily one of the most down to earth bands I’ve ever interviewed. And that’s a lot coming from me. I met the band at The Sutton Place Hotel, which, if you know the selection of luxury hotels in Toronto, is a modest choice. Not too fancy. Pretty low key. The band just […]

Posted on May 24, 2011 at 2:56 pm


Game Review: James Cameron’s Avatar The Game R ...

Another big-budget Hollywood blockbuster. Another tie-in video game. But this one has James Cameron’s name on the box, so it can’t be that bad, right? To be fair, I had very low expectations for James Cameron’s Avatar – The Video Game. It immediately brought back horrific memories of playing through another movie tie-in videogame with […]

Posted on February 8, 2010 at 8:29 am


The Hills Recap – Whit and The City

Whitney Port just became the most exciting character of The Hills- okay well almost. Kelly Cutrone recommends Whitney for a PR job with Diane Von Furstenberg. Who knew Kelly could be nice? This job would involve Whitney moving to New York City. Whitney is extra excited considering her bf Jay lives there. Lauren Conrad says it right, \"Dream Boy, Dream Job.\" LC says she\'s happy for her but you can tell she\'s not THAT happy for her. When she arrives in NY, Whitney is dressed up with mega high heels. It looks like she fits in since everyone there are tall and beautiful and wearing mega high heels. This time, Whitney did not trip. Alixe Boyer, the VP Global Image Director interviews Whitney. Whitney says it has always been her dream to work with a designer. She explains she is ready to change her life. Alixe looks happy to hear that. If only she knew what\'s on Whitney\'s mind…Mr. Jay. When she exits the interview, Jay is waiting for her in ripped jeans and a shirt tied around his waist. I never realized that Whitney and Audrina have similar taste in guys. They see each other for 3 seconds and he tells her, \"Call me when you get back to LA.\" He actually cares! A boy with a cute accent who actually calls, Whitney\'s got it made.

Posted on December 10, 2008 at 11:50 am


The Hills Recap: The Downfall of Mr. Down Under

Sadly, this episode means byebye hot Aussie. When Corey and Audrina Patridge go out for dinner, he finds out Justin Bobby was part of Audrina\'s trip to Cabo. When she promises she shared a room with Lauren Conrad and not JB, Corey doesn\'t believe her: \"of course you did.\" While Audrina seemed over Justin in Cabo, Los Angeles reeld her back in. She and her co-worker Chiara head over to a studio to work with Brandy. When Justin texts her, Audrina is out the door. I thought Heidi Montag is the only one who ditches work to talk to a dysfunctional guy. Justin woes her in his usual manner: on his bike. His winning words: \"to be in a relationship, you kinda got to be like together.\" What an epiphany! And to cinch the deal, he announces these romantic lines: \"90% of my time with you- it\'s pretty right on…\" Pretty right on!! Wow, I wish a guy would say that to me. Frankly, I\'m worried about the other 10%. Chiara is shocked that Audrina is willing to take Justin Bobby back. As she points out, \"I just don\'t want you falling back into the same trap you\'ve fallen into 15 times before.\" Audrina doesn\'t heed her advice and decides to break it off with Corey. Her timing is perfect. First, they go for a romantic dinner, then Corey gives her a koala bear, and finally he invites her to spend 2 months with him in Australia. Her answer, \"I just feel like things aren\'t working out.\" She explains Justin \"still has her heart.\" Getting dumped is bad but imagine getting dumped for Justin Bobby on TV?

Posted on October 28, 2008 at 11:04 pm


The Hills Recap: Maybe’s it’s Time to Let H ...

Brody Jenner\'s birthday + Cabo San Lucas = an episode not to be missed. Everyone is ready for a good time aside from Audrina Patridge who brings her emotional baggage (Justin Bobby) on the trip with her. Lesson of the day: don\'t let your ex become tighter with your friends than you are. When they arrive, Lauren Conrad comments on the pretty \"house\" they\'ll be living in. It\'s easy to confuse house with mansion when you grew up in Laguna Beach. Ironically, Audrina and JB get put into the same room. She quickly wheels her stuff out and bunks with Lauren. Justin Bobby actually seems to miss Audrina when he realizes she\'s left him for a hot Australian. Well when you treat a girl like shit, she usually leaves you. Doug Reinhardt\'s expert advice: \"I have one thing to say, all girls are shady.\" This theory doesn\'t stop Doug from inviting dozens of girls over to their mansion for Brody\'s birthday present. I wonder if it was more of a present to himself considering there\'s hardly anymore Hills co-stars to date. Brody happily realizes all the guys are single. Justin Bobby finds he\'s included as well: \"If this is the weekend to get a hall pass and find out your girl\'s got a boy this is probably it, right?\" Many drinks later, Justin Bobby and Audrina decide to have a rational discussion- mainly about her flower-designed hair clip that Corey gave her. JB steals it and Audrina looks like she\'s about to cry. I sense a drunken fight coming on. Audrina: \"you came to Cabo on a hall pass\" Justin \"you left me for another boy!\" Someone\'s ego\'s bruised. But since Justin has a knack for playing with her head, Audrina ends up more confused than ever. LC tells her that she should stop talking to Justin. Audrina wonders, \"Maybe it\'s time to let him go.\" Could this be the demise of Mister Justin Bobby?

Posted on October 22, 2008 at 10:28 pm