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8 Amazing Misheard Lyrics That Make These Songs That Mu ...

In honour of all you “Starbucks lovers” out there, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite misheard lyrics.

Posted on January 21, 2015 at 1:45 pm

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PETA To Release Stamps Depicting Vegetarian Stars like ...

Move aside presidents, becase vegetarians are taking over as the new face of American postage stamps. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have taken the faces of 20 of the most famous vegetarians in history and put them on a series of postage stamps, to be released tomorrow. The stamps are an example […]

Posted on November 28, 2011 at 11:57 am

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Bryan Adams Is a Dad!

Rocker, photographer, and co-founder of his own foundation, Bryan Adams can now add new papa to his list of jobs. According to a rep who confirmed with PEOPLE, Adams welcomed a daughter last month with Alicia Grimaldi, co-founder of his foundation The Bryan Adams Foundation. “I’m really proud to announce on 22 April, Mirabella Bunny […]

Posted on May 5, 2011 at 9:58 pm

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Ricky Gervais Defended by Bryan Adams

Ricky Gervais has been getting some heat from his “aggressive” tone during the Golden Globes on Sunday, but Canadian Bryan Adams has stepped up as a supporter of the comedian. “I loved Ricky hosting the Golden Globes. He doesn’t give a s**t,” Bryan tells PopEater. “Look, I’m going to say this because that’s me every […]

Posted on January 18, 2011 at 4:18 pm

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Performers Leaked for Vancouver 2010: Nelly Furtado, Sa ...

Performers for the 2010 Winter Olympics opening-ceremonies were meant to be kept under wraps. But, thanks to spies at the rehearsals and a commercial for the games that aired during Saturday Night Live, certain secrets are spilled, People.com reported. Canadians like Nelly Furtado, Sarah McLachlan and Bryan Adams are the lucky celebs that are planned […]

Posted on February 12, 2010 at 11:44 am