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ANDPOP is a website dedicated to bringing you the very best in pop culture news.

Our team is committed to staying on the pulse of music, film, TV, fashion, Internet culture and anything that is shaping this ever-changing world we live in. We’re also huge fangirls/fanboys and damn proud of it!

ANDPOP is always looking for ways to give fans unique opportunities to interact with their favourite celebrities. We love hosting fan meet and greets, livestreams, video chats, prank calls, concerts and what have you to make sure we can bring you closer to the stars we all adore.

To learn more about the tight knit crew of people that keeps this creative machine going check out our bios below!

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Brittany is ANDPOP's online editor. When she's not writing things she can be found with her nose in a book, pressing "next" on Netflix or singing loudly off key (when no one is listening -- of course). Most commonly used phrases include "I kind of want ice cream" and "I will make him my fictional boyfriend."

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Kyle is our Video Producer. He takes care of shooting and editing all of our original content, as well as reaching for things off the top shelf, hitting his head on door-frames, and giving the highest-of-fives. He also enjoys skateboarding, DJing, and shouting obscenities at bad taxi drivers.

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Merna Jibrail is known for discovering new music, making cheesy band references, taking photographs at her favourite concerts and travelling the world.

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Julia Lennox is an ANDPOP staff writer whose true loves include pizza, laughter and pop culture. You can often find her singing in the shower or binge-watching trashy television.


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