When Cookie Met Lucious

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Season 3 of Empire had us choosing between the hot and hard hitting “Inferno” album by Lucious Lyon and the beautiful and heartbreaking tribute album “When Cookie Met Lucious” by Jamal Lyon.




No matter what album you liked better you can’t deny that we all wanted to see how Jamal’s visual album would turn out.  He poured his heart and soul into recreating the tumultuous relationship between his parents and its the same album that Lucious spent most of Season 3 trying to sabotage.

Well in case you missed it Fox and Pepsi released a 25 minute visual album featuring Jussie Smollet as Jamal Lyon. It’s beautifully shot and features some of the most soulful songs that Season 3 had to offer.

Ready for the goosebumps? Check it out below;

Season 4 premiered last week on CHCH and you can catch new episodes every Wednesday at 8pm.

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