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The Big Sick with Emily V. Gordon & Kumail Nanjiani

Posted on July 11, 2017 by

Stand-up comedian, actor and now, writer Kumail Nanjiani adds to his ever growing resume with The Big Sick. The rom-com is co-written by *spoiler alert* his wife, Emily V. Gordon, and tells their true-life love story.

After meeting at a comedy show and hitting it off, Kumail seems to have found “the one” in Emily (Zoe Kazan). But, when he struggles to reveal his budding romance to his traditional Pakistani parents, the pair break up. When Emily becomes seriously ill shortly afterwards he realizes he isn’t ready to lose her forever. While she lies in a medically induced coma, he learns more about love, relationships and life from the most unlikely pair, Emily’s constantly bickering parents Beth (Holly Hunter) and Terry (Ray Romano).

The Watchlist’s Evan Arppe sat down with the Kumail and Emily to discuss how their meet-cute ended up on the big screen plus, the return of Ray Romano and ushering in the Romanossance.

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