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Crave TV is definitely one of the most overlooked streaming services out there. While it doesn’t have as big a library of the original programming of say, Netflix, it does have some of the best quality content on any streaming service (the inclusion of HBO programming is a big part of this). Here’s our list of the best on Crave:


10. 90’s Sitcoms

Seinfeld, Frasier, and Everybody Loves Raymond can all be found on Crave, making it a great go-to for anyone who needs their fill of nostalgic sitcoms.


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9. Dead Like Me

This dramedy about grim reapers never found a big audience in its two season run Showtime, but you can still enjoy all 29 episodes on Crave if you need your fill of quirkiness. If Crave ever gets into the “original programming” business, a reboot of this should be high on their list of potential projects.

dead like me

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8. True Detective

Now that series creator Nic Pizzolatto is reportedly working on a 3rd season of this HBO anthology, it’s high time to do a re-watch of the first two.


7. Oz

When Tom Fontana’s prison drama became HBO’s first hour-long drama back in 1997, few could have known the sort of influence it would have. Twenty years later, we can look back and see that it was the beginning of modern television, when long-form storytelling and adult-oriented subject matter began to take hold on the small screen. Be forewarned though, Oz is not for the faint of heart.


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6. O.J.: Made in America

Celebrity culture. Race relations. Class warfare. America. This five-part doc is about this much and more, telling the story of O.J. Simpson in all its intricacies as it slowly unfolds over its eight hour runtime.


5. Damages

With its twists, red herrings and non-linear plot, Damages was easily one of the best written shows on TV during its five year run.


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4. Orphan Black

If you haven’t yet seen any of Tatiana Maslany’s incredible performances in multiple roles on Orphan Black, do yourself a favour and go watch it now.

Orphan Black

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3. Six Feed Under

The show about death, this black comedy/drama will make you laugh and cry in equal measures. Fun fact: it also has the best final scene of any show, EVER.

Six Feet Under

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2. The Wire

Overlooked during its original run (the show never won an Emmy, shockingly) by many, The Wire has become a critical darling since going off the air. Far more than a simple cop drama, few shows have the sort of literary ambition that The Wire possessed.

The Wire

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1. The Sopranos

Here we are. Number one. Could it be anything else? Maybe the other HBO shows on our list can compete with The Sopranos, but nothing before or since has ever managed to eclipse this character-driven drama.

The Sopranos

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Written by Dan Goldsmith

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