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All the ICYMI Moments from the Oscars

Posted on February 27, 2017 by

If you didn’t watch the Oscars last night then you missed a lot of madness. By now you’ve probably heard the biggest moment from last night’s awards show — the wrong film was announced as Best Picture winner.  Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty mistakenly announced La La Land as the Best Picture winner after they were given the wrong envelope.  After a few minutes of chaos, in which the La La Land cast and crew were already on stage and well into their acceptance speeches, the real winner Moonlight was called on to stage.  Talk about drama!



But there was so many other amazing moments from the show.  Here are just a few ICYMI moments.


Seth Rogen and Michael J. Fox Complete Seth’s Bucket List



Seth Rogen almost completed his bucket list — he was at the Oscar with the DeLorean and Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) wearing future shoes.  All he needed was to sing a song from Hamilton to complete his list.  The actor started singing a few bars and Micheal even joined in.


Mean Tweets

People are mean.  Where is the love?


Asghar Farhadi’s Statement

Asghar Farhadi did not attend the Oscar ceremony because of the travel ban in the USA, but he sent a rousing statement.  Farhadi won Best Foreign Film Language Film for The Salesman.


Denzel Washington’s Face



We weren’t sure if Denzel Washington was angry or on the verge of tears when he lost Best Actor to Casey Affleck.  It’s ok Denzel we still love you.


Viola Davis’ Speech

Viola Davis is our hero!


Jimmy Tweets at the President

Yes, this actually happened. No response from the President…yet.


Ben Affleck and Guest

The long running feud between Matt Damon and host Jimmy Kimmel made an appearance at the Oscars. Ben Affleck presented with “Guest” aka Matt Damon. Any time the star began to speak the orchestra played him off.


Meryl Streep gets Standing Ovation for being Overrated


The actress was nominated for her 20th Academy Awards.  Last night host Jimmy Kimmel called for the audience to give Meryl an standing ovation for “phoning it in”.  He quoted a tweet from the President when he called her an “overrated” actress.  Meryl as always was perfection.


Kate McKinnon

We love everything about Kate and she didn’t disappoint as a presenter.


Denzel Washington Officiates Wedding

Before he got emotional Denzel performed a unofficial wedding for two lucky tourists.


Nicole Kidman’s Clapping

What is up with Nicole’s hand?


How Adorable Auli’l Cravahlo was at the end of her Performance


Auli’l Cravahlo sang her song from Moana, which was nominated for Best Original Song.  The 16 year old star showed her incredible talent and we loved how adorably nervous and humble she appeared at the end of her performance.


Written by Sonya Davidson

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