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15 Times We Were Utterly Charmed by Keanu Reeves

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Keanu Reeves has had an incredibly diverse career, from playing a time traveling stoner in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure to twisting our perception of the world in The Matrix (1999). With every new role, whether he’s sharing a bubble bath with his cancer stricken girlfriend or avenging his puppy’s murder, Keanu steals our hearts.

Keanu Reeves always looks good in a suit, but that’s not the only reason we love him, the Canadian hunk has so much to offer fans. He’s dedicated to film. That’s FILM the medium – he produced the documentary Side by Side (2012), which compares digital and photochemical film creation.That wasn’t the only time he let his passions take a hold of him, his dedication to martial arts led him to directing Man of Tai Chi (2013). The martial arts action film starred Tiger Chen, one of The Matrix’s stunt choreographers, a man Keanu was determined to make a star. He also loves slappin’ da bass. He’s played bass for two bands, Dogstar and Becky.


Keanu Reeves oozes charisma and charm so it’s no wonder he’s one of Hollywood’s most beloved guys. Here are 15 reasons why we’re charmed by Keanu Reeves.


1. He turned down Heat to do Hamlet in Winnipeg.

keanu reeves


Reeves played Prince Hamlet in the Manitoba Theatre’s 1995 production of Hamlet. He reportedly turned down some major studio projects like the role of Chris Shiherlis (eventually filled by Val Kilmer) in Heat (1995) in favour of the theatre gig. He said refusing to do Heat and Speed II(1997) made it hard for him to get studio jobs afterwards but we have a feeling, he doesn’t regret it.


2. He’s a great coach


We’d get involved in a team sport if Keanu Reeves were our coach. Okay, we’d probably just go to practice to stare at him…


3. He voiced the cat named Keanu in the Key & Peele’s comedy Keanu

Apparently director Peter Atencio got a resounding “no” from Keanu’s people when he first approached them but when the actor actually learned about the movie he was dying to get involved. By that time the film was 99% complete, but they managed to get Keanu a surprise cameo.


4. He’s got the goofiest smile, and it melts our hearts.



5. He’s dedicated to his craft.


Haters might say he can’t act but we don’t care, he’s a star to us. It isn’t movie magic, Keanu learned over 200 martial arts moves and dedicated himself to fight training while working on The Matrix trilogy. He also spent months prepping for John Wick’s gun-fu scenes by doing extensive weapons training.



6. He plays hockey


Like many Canadian boys, Keanu spent a lot of his youth on the ice. He was a goal tender in high school and earned himself the nick name “The Wall” for his awesome goalie skills.


7. He’s a gentleman

Reeves giving up his seat in the New York City subway got quite the attention when this video went viral a few years ago. How chivalrous.


8. He builds motorcycles

Not only does he ride them, he builds them. Reeves partnered with long-time friend and bike designer Gard Hollinger to create Arch Motorcycle, a company that custom builds motorcycles.


9. He thinks “Sad Keanu” is funny

keanu reeves


During a Reddit AMA Keanu revealed “My first experience with that was Sad Keanu, and I thought it was funny!”

Speaking of Reddit, that AMA also taught us he likes to “hehehe”

keanu reddit ama


10. He took a pay cut so more money could be spent on special effects for The Matrix sequels.


He gave $50 million of his $70M earnings up to the special effects and makeup teams. “Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries.”
That wasn’t the first time he took a pay cut for the betterment of a film. He did so for The Devil’s Advocate (1997) so Al Pacino could be cast and The Replacements (2000) so Gene Hackman could come on board.


11. He’s ageless

keanu reeves


Maybe he was being dramatic when he said “the next few centuries” or maybe he’s actually immortal like the internet suggests…

The fact he’s willing to joke about himself is pretty rad.


12. He’s got a big heart


When his sister Kim was diagnosed with Leukemia, he took care of her for nearly 10 years as she battled cancer. He reportedly started a cancer research foundation when she was diagnosed but did not attach his name to it. The foundation aids children’s hospitals and cancer research.


13. He’s a part of The Simpsons


The character Jimbo Jones from The Simpsons is based on his character Ted Logan from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure(1989).


14. He wrote a picture book

keanu reeves


Keanu teamed up with painter Alexandra Grant to create the grown-up picture book, Ode to Happines, which reminds adults not to take themselves too seriously.


15. Pretty much everything about him


He’s goofy, smart and sweet and is widely considered as “the nicest guy in Hollywood.” Plus, he tells a pretty good ghost story.


Written by Vithiya Murugadas

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