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18 Times We Were Completely Charmed By Luke Evans

Posted on January 11, 2017 by
luke evans

We’d probably sayA great actor, amazing singer, and incredibly handsome…Luke Evans is the dictionary definition of “complete package.”

Currently be one of film’s most sought after leading men, the Welsch actor first began his career on the West End London stage, following his graduating in 2000. No wonder he can pretty much do it all.

Now living in London, the 37 year old has been wooing us in some pretty big budget films including, Fast and Furious 6, The Hobbit, Dracula Untold and, one of our personal favourites, Immortals. You know, that one where he played Greek God, Zeus opposite Henry Cavill?

 Now set to take on the role of Gaston in next year’s highly antitipicated Disney live action version of Beauty and the Beast, there’s no denying that Luke Evans has and, will remain, high up on our radar.

Alas, here are just some of his most charming moments that had us weak at the knees.


When He Filmed This Adorable Group Shot In India

The actor was recently in India in support of Unicef and Save the Children.


When He Sang Adele and Melted Our Hearts

Just so you know Luke, if you ever decided to release an album, we’d buy the hell out it.



When He Showed Off His Best Dracula

luke evans

Source: sikanapanele tumblr

Quite possibly the best and, most adorable, looking Dracula.



When He Transformed Into an Adorable Bunny

luke evans

Source: iamtheechelon123 on tumblr

Yes, we love Luke  — but can we also take a moment to admire Sir Ian McKellan and Lee Pace in this moment?

When He and Josh Gad Blessed Our Instagram Feed

Me and @joshgad are gonna be all over @disneystudios today! #awholenewworld #beautyandthebeast #beourguest

A video posted by thereallukeevans (@thereallukeevans) on

We’re always a sucker for a men signing Disney soundtracks.


When He Did This and We Inexplicably Lost Our Chill

luke evans

Source: luuuuuke-evans on tumblr

Excuse us, Luke. Put those hazards away.


That Time Bard Fixed Legolas’s Hair

luke evans

Source: chase-taurohtar on tumblr

By far, the most entertaining thing aside from actually watching The Hobbit, is watching behind the scenes footage of The Hobbit.



When He Looked Like The Professor of Our Dreams

luke evans

Source: sweetnitina on tumblr

We’re just saying, if any of our teachers looked like this, it would have made school a bit more enjoyable.


Even As A Blond

luke evans

Source: luuuuuke-evans on tumblr

It doesn’t matter what colour he dyes his hair, he can do no wrong.


When He Did His Best Red Carpet Smoulder Pose

luke evans

Source: asgardian-nightmare on tumblr

This is one level away from being Elvis – like, and we love it.



That Time He Sang “Delilah”

Again, why this man hasn’t released an album yet, is beyond our understanding.



His Randomness Is Always a Good Laugh

luke evans

Source: luuuuuke-evans on tumblr

Even Emma Watson is not immune to his overwhelming amount of charm.




luke evans

Source: sweetnitina on tumblr

A dog is one thing. A handsome man, is one thing. Having both in one photo – is just on another level.

When He Likened Himself To Bacon

luke evans

Source: haleybennettupdated on tumblr

Oh stop that. You look amazing, Luke.



That One Time He Used Bill Murray As A Pillow

Everybody needs a Bill Murray for a pillow. #GQAwards #mdj16

A photo posted by thereallukeevans (@thereallukeevans) on

Are we jealous of Bill Murray or Luke Evans? We may never know.



When He and Hugh Jackman Had a “Gaston Off”

luke evans

Source: hughxjackman on tumblr

Fun Fact: Taron Egerton, another charmer, was also part of this on The Jonathan Ross Show.



When He  Got To Paint An Elephant

We love elephants and we love Luke – it can’t get any better.


And Finally, His Stunning Smile

luke evans

Source: luuuuuke-evans on tumblr

He’s really just an adorable teddy bear.


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