11 Soulful Kehlani Covers To Jam Out To

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kehlani covers

R&B’s baddest princess Kehlani Parrish — just Kehlani to most —  has been making serious waves in the industry with her unique blend of hip hop, r&b and pop. With her soulful vocals and sultry tunes she’s made a name for herself with celebrated mixtapes like her latest, You Should Be Here.

With her debut record SweetSexySavage on it’s way — a fierce title if we’ve ever seen one — we’re ready for Kehlani to be the name on everyones lips.

From her time with America’s Got Talent group Poplyfe to her evolvement as a solo artist, we’re looking back on all the times she leant her voice to hits — right before her inevitable year of recognition and celebration

Hotline Bling ft. Charlie Puth (Drake)

Only these two can turn this tune into a stunning duet.


Legend/Get Away (Drake)

Okay it’s just the intro but STILL


Stronger Than Me (Amy Whinehouse)

We can’t handle fetus Kehlani’s soul

Little Things (Indie Arie)

A CAPELLA TO BOOT! Her voice soars in this stripped down cover.

Thinkin’ About You (Frank Ocean)

We’re keeping this on repeat forever. Her voice was MEANT for this.

Ribbon In The Sky (Stevie Wonder)

Chills. Baby Kehlani is too cute — and talented — to handle.

Hero (Mariah Carey)

Throwbacks on throwbacks on throwbacks

Preach (Drake)


Domino (Jessie J)


Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder)


Queen Medley

Another Poplyfe cover that gives us serious life.

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