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Must Follow Monday: Misha Collins

Posted on January 9, 2017 by
misha collins twitter

24 and ER are just a couple of shows Misha Collins has been on — but, most will recognize the actor for his role on Supernatural as the Angel Castiel, normally referred to as Cas.

Cas and Misha are an integral part of the long running CW show — alas, Misha is not on every episode. So, while we wait for his next appearance, we can always count on him on Twitter to educate us with his political commentary, inspire us with his charity work, and laugh out loud with his stories and interactions with his cast mates.

Here’s why we’re following Misha Collins on Twitter: 

He’s not afraid to speak up




Every time he live tweets Supernatural really


This friendship in general




He’s cheeky



His stories


His educational and encouraging words



Finally, he never fails to make us laugh out loud

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