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How Well Does The Cast Of Degrassi: Next Class Know Degrassi?

Posted on January 6, 2017 by

The moment we’ve all been simultaneously waiting for and dreading is finally here, the third season of Degrassi: Next Class has arrived and with it comes the answer to the question everyone has been unfortunately stuck with… just who died in that bus crash?! In true Degrassi form the new season tackles all the current issues in today’s teen life, even issues that caught the world’s attention like the Syrian refugee crisis.

Before we binge through the season on The Family Channel App(in Canada) and Netflix(outside of Canada) we headed over to the set and sat down with some of the cast to test their knowledge on Canada’s long running Teen Drama smash hit. Once they got through saying another unnecessarily long title for our little contest the Degrassi kids were dealt our custom deck on Ellen’s Heads Up! app, it was challenging for some, confusing for others, and a blast for everyone. One thing is for certain nobody knows what the heck Downtown Sasquatch is!

Btw, every episode of Season 3 is available right now on The Family Channel App and airs Monday-Friday at 10pm on Family.

Hit that play button and see how the Next Class’ knowledge stacks up.

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