We’re Rooting For These Badass TV Ladies In 2017

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2017 tv ladies

Time and time again, we are seeing strong, dynamic women dominate our TV screens — and no, we will never stop asking for more.

In the past few years we’ve been introduced to some of the baddest of badass ladies we’ve ever seen on television. These gals are fiery, smart and courageous — all while feeling relatable and connecting to their audiences.

A new year means a lot of new things, and that means new excitement and drama that comes with our new shows and their kick ass leading ladies.. Whether their surgeons, students, witches or princesses, judging by their journeys so far it looks like 2017 is going to be one to watch for these gals.

As we begin a new year, we’re keeping our eyes on these 14 leading ladies to make sure we don’t miss a moment of their badass ways.

These are the boss ladies of TV we’re rallying behind in 2017.



Bonnie Bennett

TV Show: The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie hasn’t had the easiest time on TVD. She’s died and come back from the other side more times than we can remember, and she always seems to be losing loved ones — or putting herself in serious danger for them. As the show goes into it’s last season, we’re praying there’s a rainbow at the end of the storm for our Bonnie.


Clarke Griffin

TV Show: The 100

Clarke is a natural born leader, inspiring the people around her as a strong presence within this intense show. When you watch her on screen you can’t deny her character’s level of badass, all without sacrificing her integrity and her loyalty.


Laurel Castillo

TV Show: How To Get Away With Murder

Laurel’s role in the show’s third season took a dramatic turn when SPOILER: the finale found her to be in the hospital after being caught in the fire in Annalise’s house — and pregnant! We’ve always found Laurel to be a strong woman, especially after seeing the family drama she has to deal with and all the issues caused by her ex-boyfriend, Frank. We’ve seen her kick ass in court and we know she’s going to be even stronger when we see her again next season.


Scarlett O’Connor

TV Show: Nashville

Scarlett was always a woman who played to the beat of her own drum. Through the show’s four aired seasons we’ve seen her grow as a person and as an artist. We’ve watched her learn from her mistakes and come out a stronger woman. We can’t wait to see what she kicks ass at when the fifth season premieres next year.


Felicity Smoak

TV Show: Arrow

Characters like Felicity are the reason why shows like Arrow are as great as they are. Not only is she a wiz at computer technology, she’s also relatably quirky and awkward. We’ve all felt like Felicity in one way or another at a time in our life. With each season we see her character grow and strengthen, never apologiizing for the being the brilliant badass she is. #TeamFelicity!


Eleanor Henstridge

TV Show: The Royals

With a family as royally dysfunctional as hers, it’s no wonder Eleanor has a hard time trusting people. But, we’ve seen her moments of strength and grace — which is why we know she’s a force to be reckoned with. We’re gluing our eyes to the show’s third season to see just what this princess is going to do next.


Cookie Lyon

TV Show: Empire

As one of the most entertaining and savvy ladies on TV right now, Cookie Lyon is the HBIC and you do not want to mess with her.


Liza Miller

TV Show: Younger

In one of the most entertaining story lines we’ve seen in a long time, Sutton Foster’s Liza Miller’s attempt to masquerade as a 26-year-old is hilarious and charming through each episode. We have to give a special shout out to all the ladies in this cast because truthfully we root for all of them, But Liza Miller is definitely something special — caring and quirky with all the awkward 20-something mannerisms we’re currently living. Do you, girl!


Olivia Pope

TV Show: Scandal

Olivia has become one of TV’s fiercest women and for good reason, she handles every situation that is thrown at her. She’s been threatened, kidnapped and still manages to fight her way through. Even when she seems lost or losing control, we’re watching and waiting for that fire in her eyes. She rallies around the people she cares about. Olivia Pope is always worth rooting for.


Emily Fields

TV Show: Pretty Little Liars

Emily always felt like the mother of the liar, always watching over her friends and trying to make sure they were safe all while dealing with “A.” From losing her girlfriend, Maya, to struggling with coming out to her friends and family, we’ve watched Emily become a stronger character for all she’s been through. She isn’t afraid to use her voice– or her fist if you remember that iconic Sara Harvey punch.


Fiona Gallagher

TV Show: Shameless

Fiona has this ballsy attitude that we’re obsessed with watching– she’s like a strong mother bear watching over her cubs. Her strength is also mirrored by her vulnerability and her emotions towards her family. When she’s not making us cry, she’s making us laugh with her humour and sassy yet goofy nature. It’s never going to be an easy ride for Fiona, but she’s a badass and we’re ready to see what’s coming for her in 2017. Also can we talk about how actress Emmy Rossum is equally badass, fighting for equal pay for the next season? DAMN STRAIGHT GIRL.


Meredith Grey

TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy

Meredith Grey has been through more ups and downs than most TV characters — she’s lost her mother, her half-sister, friends and her husband Derek. But ,we’ve also seen her be a kick-ass surgeon and save the lives of the patients at Seattle Grace. She’s feisty, loyal, smart and determined. There’s a reason we tune in season after season…


Kara Danvers

TV Show: Supergirl

She’s SUPERGIRL — what’s not to root for? Aside from being supernaturally badass, Kara is kind and selfless…but she still has her human moments where she acts without thinking. Her qualities outside of her powers are what connect her to viewers in a relatable way. Since the show is only in its second season, there’s still plenty more Kara for fans to get to know — here’s to a super 2017 (we’re so punny).


Callie Adams Foster

TV Show: The Fosters

Even if it gets her into trouble, Callie’s loyalty to her loved ones is the reason she is one of the show’s strongest characters. We’ve seen her endure some traumatic experiences and come out of it on the other side, inspiring the young fans that watch The Fosters. We don’t know exactly what’s in store for Callie in the show’s second half of its fourth season, but grab your tissues because it’s going to be an emotional ride.

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  1. Emma says:

    I’m always #TeamFelicity <3

  2. Leoclara says:

    Felicity smoak!! Badass!!

  3. Clara says:

    #TeamFelicity all the way! That’s right!! Badass & hero without even needing a costume or physical combat action!! Amazing what she achieved.
    Thanks for recognizing her specialness!!!!!

  4. behulienka says:

    Felicity :*

  5. nicole schell says:

    I am #TeamFelicity absolutely!! She’s so badass and such a role model…great character and my favorite on Arrow.

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