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Must Follow Monday: Debby Ryan

Posted on January 2, 2017 by

So many of us grew up with Debby Ryan on our screens, whether it was through her role on The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody sequel series Suite Life On Deck, or her title role of nanny to New York posh kids in Jessie. 

Her flair for comedy has made her one of Disney’s strongest acts, stretching her across a couple Disney Channel watching generations — but she’s also a badass.

Debby Ryan can appeal to basically anyone — whether it be through sweet, quirky roles or her very real online presence. We love having Debby on Twitter to interact with us — her fans — inspire and educate us, and to flat out make us laugh.

She kind of just gets what Twitter is all about — and her tweets just prove that. Here’s why we’re following Debby Ryan on Twitter:


To start off, she makes us laugh


And her wise words are incredibly encouraging


Her appreciation for fan art


Her family is as funny as she is


She’s incredibly giving


And intuitive and real and and and….


Well that’s worrisome


Her honesty


She keeps it real


And inspires us

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