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15 Reasons Why Jonathan Groff Is So Darn Loveable

Posted on December 22, 2016 by
jonathan groff

At a young age Jonathan Groff already has countless Broadway, television and film credits — and he’s only tacking more on as he goes.

His early roles in Spring AwakeningIn My Life, and Hair — and not to mention  killer voice and boyish charm — earned him a place in theatre as one of its most exciting and engaging talents.

If you didn’t catch one of his shows, you probably caught him stirring up trouble around McKinley High School as glee-club rival Jesse St. James on Glee. Or, you may have tuned in to watch him as Patrick on HBO’s Looking — a show (and TV movie conclusion) following the lives of three friends living in San Francisco.

It’s also worth mentioning he’s also the voice behind Kristoff in Frozen AND the original King George in Hamilton– the biggest musical phenomenon, basically eve? We know, he’s everywhere — and we don’t want him to go anywhere

When he’s not showing off his goofy side in Lea Michele’s Instagram stories, or kissing Lin Manuel Miranda — which is still one of the greatest videos we’ve ever seen — he’s signing his name to another project that he’s most likely going to slay because he always slays.

There’s a million reasons to love this guy so we decided to come up with a small list to give you a glimpse of all there is to love about Jonathan.

We’re giving you all of the reasons why we’re always cheering for Jonathan Groff 


He is a man of grace

He’s beauty and he’s grace…


The sass


That duck face though…


That time he partook in a Ham4Ham for the ages



His dance moves are enviable


Teach us your moves, JG.

Seriously though


He can rock the hell out of a tux


That power pose…


He’s a friend to the pups

Groffsauce appreciation —{ #jonathangroff #groffsauce }—

A photo posted by If You Hate On My OTP, Die (@elevatorsnotworthy) on

If only we could adopt both of them…


He’s a great karaoke partner

Disney song choice…respect!


He’s all kinds of adorable

Props to the maker of this video.


But he’s also damn fine

Source: Callmebrycelee via Tumblr

Source: Callmebrycelee via Tumblr

Don’t look at us like that, Jonathan.


Arms for days

Careful with those weapons, JG.


Even his Hamilton co-stars adore him


Same, Daveed. SAME.


His next-level wonderful relationship with Lin Manuel Miranda


Not sure who we’re more jealous of, tbh…


And his BFF status with Lea Michele




Speaking of… his early Broadway days

SLAYING sice day ONE.


Not to mention his iconic Glee role

Oh how we miss Jesse St. James.


Even as a cartoon he’s endearing


We give this film’s casting choices A+++++

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