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The Best Dressed TV Villains (Old & New)

Posted on December 21, 2016 by
best dressed villains tv

While it’s all fun and good to cheer for the good guys, let’s be honest — its a whole lot more fun seeing what a villain is going to do next. Who they’re going to try and take down, or what destruction they’re going to cause — villains are what make TV shows interesting. After all, they’re devious and give protagonists purpose.

A great villain also knows how to power dress. They may be bad, but their fashion is just so good — we’re not even mad. TV’s past and present bad guys and girls can’t do their jobs properly if they don’t look the part. If you want to become a villain, you’ve got to have a killer wardrobe, right?

These 16 TV villains may be bad, but their style makes them look so good:





TV Show: Jessica Jones

Actor: David Tennant

Style: Dark suits; pea-coats; sleek scarves

Not since the joker could a villain pull off such a purple suit.


Queen Helena


TV Show: The Royals

Actress: Elizabeth Hurley

Style: Fitted dressed accessorized with diamonds and great hair

She’s not always as villainous as the others on this list, but she sure does have her moments. At least she looks good doing it.


Chanel Oberlin


TV Show: Scream Queens

Actor: Emma Roberts

Style: Big furs; pastel coloured coats and dresses; big jewelry

We wish we could dress like this daily.


Dr. Hannibal Lector


SOURCE: Rebloggy

TV Show: Hannibal

Actor: Mads Mikkelsen

Style: Textured suits with vibrant patterns, bold ties

Sinnister has never looked so suave.

Rachel Duncan


TV Show: Hannibal

Actor:  Tatiana Maslany

Style: Collared shirts, blazers, fitted dresses, neutral colours

If you’re going to be the head bitch in charge, you got to look the part, right?



Rachel Gatina


TV Show: One Tree Hill

Actor: Danneel Ackles

Style:  Casual layering with leather jackets





TV Show: The Vampire Diaries

Actor: Nathalie Kelley

Style: Fitted skinny jeans; sexy tops; geometric jewellery

Of course the show’s newest antagonist would be this hot.


Victoria Grayson


TV Show: Revenge

Actor: Madeline Stowe

Style: Bold-coloured dresses; fitted skirts and dresses

No one could walk into a room looking that good quite like Victoria Grayson.


Petra Solano 


TV Show: Jane The Virgin

Actor: Yael Grobglas

Style: Fitted dresses with bright, colourful patterns, dress shorts

Petra may not always be evil — but she has a delicious villainous streak with her revenge schemes and over all badassery. Plus, she really knows how to work those floral dresses and dress up a pair of tailored shorts.


Lucien & Tristan


TV Show: The Originals

Actors: Andrew Lees & Oliver Ackland

Style: Three-piece suits

They may be villains, but we can’t deny a man in a sharp-looking suit.


Juliet Sharp


TV Show: Gossip Girl

Actor: Katie Cassidy

Style: structured blazers; pearl jewllery

We wouldn’t mind shopping on the Upper East Side with this girl.


The Evil Queen


TV Show: Once Upon A Time

Actor: Lana Parrilla

Style: Decadent, bold-coloured gowns; pulent jewels


Anika Calhoun


TV Show: Empire

Actress: Grace Gealey

Style: Fitted dresses; structured silhouettes; pearl necklaces; strong colours

Say what you want about Boo Boo Kitty, but the girl can work a dress.


Sara Harvey (aka “Red Coat” & “The Black Widow”)


TV Show: Pretty Little Liars

Actor: Dre Davis

Style: Edgy jacket; patterned tops; red trench coat

She’s done a lot of messed up stuff, but we can’t lie….we really want that red trench coat.


Kate Sanders


TV Show: Lizzie McGuire

Actor: Ashlie Brillault

Style: sleeveless sweaters; pink dresses; lots of fuzzy accessories

Early Disney Channel villains were the best in every way.


Constance Langdon

constance langdon

SOURCE: Rebloggy

TV Show: American Horror Story

Actress: Jessica Lange

Style: Dresses in bold patterns; silk nighties; furs


Fish Mooney


TV Show: Gotham

Actor: Jada Pinkett Smith

Style: Metallics; fitted dressed; gold jewllery

Extra style points for those red highlights.




Tv Show: Game of Thrones

Actor: Carice van Houten

Style: Long, flowing gowns; jewel-tone colours; v-neck dresses

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