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19 Times Taron Egerton Charmed His Way Into Our Hearts

Posted on December 21, 2016 by
taron egerton


If we were to jot down a list of the most charming young actors to recently enter our lives we’d be here a while — but Taron Egerton is the one name you can be sure to see high up on that list.

Since donning a swanky tailored suit alongside Colin Firth in Kingsmen: The Secret Service, the 27 year old has been on our radar for, well, a lot of reasons.

He’s remained true to his name — which means thunder in Welsh — by making quite the “storm” with, not only his acting chops, but with his immense likability. From his humbleness, his adorkable nature (yes, we’re bringing adorkable back,) cheekiness and, let’s be honest, dashing good looks, we just can’t get enough of Taron Egerton.

He’s starred in various films and made-for-TV movies in the U.K, but is now making his mark in Americawith the Kingsmen films, his flick with Hugh Jackman Eddie The Eagle, and the upcoming animated film Sing. We kind of just know he’s one to watch.

Let’s all take a moment to relive some of Taron’s most charming moments.



When He Flawlessly Belted George Michael’s “Faith”


Yeah, we have faith in his future. This is probably one of the best things we’ve heard on Tumblr



This Look:

taron egerton

Source: seasideliving on tumblr

Proving that sexy geek is totally, 100% possible.



When He Spoke About The Struggle Of Going To Bed 


We actually feel this on a spiritual level.



When He Geeked Out Over Despicable Me

taron egerton

Source: ohmyegerton on tumblr

This is as cute as his love for Monsters Inc. and Billy Crystal. (See: His appearance on The Late Late Show) 



That Time When He Thought Someone Touched His Bum, and Nearly Had an Existential Crisis

taron egerton

Source: daishannigans on tumblr

Don’t fret Taron – it was apparently just a handbag.


When The Discovery of Sweet & Salty Popcorn Changed His Life


Yes. We’d have to agree that sweet and salty popcorn wins every time.




taron egerton

Source: zhivchik on tumblr

We know this needs a caption but strangely, we just can’t find our words at the moment… How odd.



His Friendship With Hugh Jackman

taron egerton

Source: spacesong on tumblr



…And Colin Firth

taron egerton

Source: baneslittleone on tumblr




When He Pulled This Face On The TIFF Red Carpet

taron egerton

Source: mark-strongs on tumblr

Is he confused? Scared? Indifferent?.. It doesn’t matter. All we know is, even while pulling weird faces he’s adorable.  He just can’t help it.



When He Was Tad Confused About The Korean Way To Make a Heart

taron egerton

Source: thisiswhatiwilldo on tumblr

It only took a bit of time but eventually, he got it.

taron egerton

Source: thisiswhatiwilldo on tumblr



That Time He Was a Literal Puppy With James Corden

taron egerton

Source: doctorsfriend on tumblr

Look at this happy ball of sunshine!



His Opinion On Physical Appearance Is Perfectly On-Point

taron egerton

Source: fyeahegerton on tumblr

You are 100% right about that one, Taron. Originality and a great personality always wins over looks.


When He Called Himself “The Welsh Dragon” While Looking Like Harry Potter

taron egerton

Source: fyeahegerton on tumblr

The glasses, the adorable smile…. We may be missing context but, this gif is everything we could wish for.



Remember When He Asked Us Out To Dinner?…

taron egerton

Source: thislittlediary on tumblr

Okay, so he didn’t ask us personally, but there’s no harm in dreaming.



When He Rocked Out To Sam Smith

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how he sings this exact song in Sing, as Johnny “The Gorilla.”

His Attempt at Cheekiness Is Adorably On Point

taron egerton

Source: lumiere-taranis on tumblr

We are currently swooning through giggles.



When He Advised Us To Forget About Jar Jar Binks and Immediately Regretted It


Oh, Taron, it’s okay.


Lastly, Every Time He Patiently Pronounces The Name Of His Hometown In Interviews

taron egerton

Source: egerrton on tumblr

We completely understand that it’s his hometown and all but, we’re still impressed every single time.


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