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Artist of the Week: Sam Hunt

Posted on December 15, 2016 by
sam hunt

We here at ANDPOP want to help you be trendsetters, introducing you to brand new (or just underrated) music to tell your friends about — yes, that was a Weeknd reference. We want you to be that person who says “I knew him/her before everyone else” — a “music hipster” if you will. EVERY THURSDAY, our aim is to bless your ears with the music that you’ve never heard, but will never stop listening to. This week, we’re turning our attention to country’s, Sam Hunt.

Since his debut back in 2014, Sam Hunt has been taking the country music scene by storm. The 32 year old singer/songwriter has been wowing fans across the globe with his unique music style since the release of his debut single, “Don’t Want To Waste Your Time.” Two years later, Sam has easily become one of the hottest country acts to bridge into the pop genre.

Hailing from Cedartown, Georgia, Sam grew up with football being his first love. So much so that he held the quarterback position on his college football team, and attended the football training camp of the Kansas City Chiefs. Although his future in the sport looked promising, to point where he became a free agent, he eventually decided that his love for playing music was greater. S,o he packed up and made the move to Nashville.

Before becoming the singer we know today, Sam first started by writing songs for some pretty big names in country, which included Keith Urban, and Kenny Chesney. By 2014 he released both, his first EP X2C and debut album Montevallo, which quickly earned him his fair amount of time in the spotlight with appearances at various award shows. Additionally, he nabbed the opening act spot on Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour.

Though some were skeptical about Sam’s spoken word approach to his songs, they were all quickly proven wrong with his songs quickly reaching over 300,000 streams per day on Spotify. Now, officially on the Universal/MCA Nashville roster, there is no stopping Sam from continuing his climb to the top of country’s charts.



Name: Sam Lowry Hunt

Known For: His spoken country sound

File Next To: Thomas Rhett

Download Now: “Single For The Summer”




  1. He didn’t start performing until he turned 21.
  2. He studied philosophy as a major in college.
  3. Although super talented, Sam admits he’s not a fan of listening to himself on the radio.




“Single For The Summer”

“Break Up In a Small Town”

“Leave The Night On”

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