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14 Reasons Why We’ll Never Fall Out Of Love With Adam Lambert

Posted on December 14, 2016 by
adam lambert

This 34-year-old rocker’s early days began on the Broadway stage, in productions like The Ten Commandments and Wicked, and his powerhouse voice ultimately led him to the audition room of American Idol where he went on to become the runner up of the show’s eighth season.

Adam Lambert has showcased his talents on the small screen, released three hit albums with billboard-charting singles, and most recently has taken on the role of frontman with Queen, bringing the words and sound of Freddie Mercury to life on stage. Oh, and let’s not forget his appearance as Eddie in FOX’s Rocky Horror Picture Show revamp.

With a voice that level the ground and a powerful yet sweet personality to go with it, Adam continues to push himself musically. We’re keeping an eye on this talented guy because wherever he goes, good music seems to follow. It was clear from the moment he opened his mouth back in that Idol audition room, he was destined for this. We’re Lambert fans for life.

These are the reasons why Adam Lambert will always have a special place in our hearts:


He continues to inspire

We just want to give him a massive hug.



His voice is FIRE

Halloween BBQ ?EVIL IN THE NIGHT #evilinthenight @thexfactorau

A video posted by ADAMLAMBERT (@adamlambert) on




So is his style


Hey Adam, can we raid your closet?



He took on one of the toughest roles in music

We hope Freddie would love Adam as much as we do.


He’s adorable


What a cutie.



His time on Glee was one for the books

Marry the night and then marry us. 



He always knows just what to say


We’re a little emotional right now…



He’s got some serious swag

A video posted by ADAMLAMBERT (@adamlambert) on

You better WERK.


He stands up for injustice

Yet another reason why we love him.


He covers songs with such souls

What a breathtaking cover.



And wears a crown like real royalty

A photo posted by ADAMLAMBERT (@adamlambert) on




His friends are pretty cool too

@samsmithworld camera shy

A photo posted by ADAMLAMBERT (@adamlambert) on

Ok we’re gonna need a duet yesterday.



His Broadway beginnings are wonderful to watch

Slaying since day one.



And he gets sexier every year



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7 Responses to “14 Reasons Why We’ll Never Fall Out Of Love With Adam Lambert”

  1. PattyGale says:

    Agree 100% with every point. I’ve been a fan since his audition on Idol, been to many (many) of his concerts, with and without Queen, and always leave them on a high from the joy and great vibes rolling off the stage. Adam is both an amazing performer and a stellar human being.

  2. Linda says:

    Love this, thank you !

  3. funbunn40 says:

    These are 14 great reasons, but there are so many more. He’s such a beautiful soul, inside & out. He’s so popular around the world, but the US seems to be lagging behind appreciating his massive talent & jaw dropping good looks. Thanks for your appreciation of this sweetheart of a man.

  4. MalsDoxy says:

    while Adam has performed in many “Broadway’ shows he has never performed ON Broadway, but yes, every single point you make is so true but especially that he is SUCH a sweet man

  5. ruth says:

    Love this article so well written. I can think of about 100 reasons Adam is so loved around the world but as funbunn40 says the US is lagging behind. If you think about so many people falling for the Trump nonsense you can understand that there are still many people in the US don’t appreciate real talent and the kind of man Adam is. That’s okay cuz Adam is doing well in rest of the world. This is only the beginning.

  6. Reese says:

    I just saw this article. I couldn’t agree more! Adam Lambert is a nice guy and real talented. Wishing Adam continued success in his career this year and always ????????

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