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The Evolution Of The Weeknd: His Life Story

Posted on December 12, 2016 by

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye is easy one of R&B’s most mysterious heavy hitters. The man behind The Weeknd is known for his ability to keep private and to himself — for the longest time none of us even knew what he looked like!

It’s been a long road for the Canadian who’s rise to fame managed to happen slowly and surely — yet all at once. The community was intrigued when he first surfaced online, but once hits like “Earned It” and “Can’t Feel My Face” hit the airwaves, the world took notice.

Thanks to his uniquely thematic lyrics touching heavily on life, drugs, sex, love and loss, his place in R&B and pop has been solidified.

Now, he’s a Starboy and everyone knows it. With mixtapes, albums, intricately crafted music videos, awards, chart topping singles and ad campaigns under his belt, a lot has happened to make The Weeknd the enigmatic sensation he is today.

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