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10 Ugly Fandom Christmas Sweaters To Rock This Season

Posted on December 8, 2016 by
supernatural christmas sweater

Image courtesy SoftPunkCas on Tumblr 


Remember a time when ugly Christmas sweaters were “so lame”? How just the idea of going out with aunt Margorie sportingher Christmas sweater of cats in Santa hats was embarrassing, to say the least? Well, those days are over because, wouldn’t you know, the “ugly”Christmas sweater has become an annual staple and more popular than ever. We only use quotes because some aren’t even that bad.

From sweaters with actual jingling bells, to those that literally light up like your trimmed out tree — the annual tradition has truly come a long way from just the over-sized knitted cardigan. None though, has us more excited every year than the plethora of sweaters inspired by some of our favourite fandoms. From our favourite television shows to favourite singers, the internet has no shortage of sites catering to any fangirl or boy’s Christmas sweater needs.

Here are just 10 of our favourites:



Star Wars

star wars

Source: FannyBees Etsy

You know the holidays are the happiest time of year when even Darth Vader gets in the spirit. So get that grumpy Grinch in your life this festive sweater to help to bring some cheer.





Source: FannyBees on Etsy

This is one Pokémon item you don’t have to search for. It’s festive, colourful and will for sure make any Pokémon lovers’ season bright.



John Cena

john cena

Source: KippCreations on Etsy

This sweater was inspired by the John Cena meme that was floating around this year — while we’re not 100% sure where or why it started, it’s still funny nonetheless.





Keeping with the tone of the film, this sweater brings the sass. Also he’s already dressed in red so… anything Deadpool is instant holiday attire.



Game of Thrones

game of thrones

Source: JennysSweetTees on Etsy

Now this is an item that speaks to us. Just think: You’ve just finished all your shopping, baked the cookies and wrote your cards, what’s next? Lounging on the couch in this comfy Game of Thrones sweater with a glass of wine.





Source: FannyBees on Etsy

Sporting one of our favourite Dean Winchester lines, we are loving this Supernatural sweater. The insults are just the added bonus.



Stranger Things

By far, the one show that took this year by storm was Stranger Things, so it’s only logical to have some cool merch inspired by it.






Source: Teespring

Our hearts  are “Sherlocked,” and the only way to unlock it is with this sweater on Christmas morning.





Source: CTapparel on Etsy

The only thing this is missing is the bells. That way, we can jingle along while doing the “Hotline Bling” dance.


Harry Potter

harry potter

Source: Amazon

No joke, this Harry Potter sweater is actually pretty fashionable and we would wear it all-year round.


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