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The Best Pop Culture Moments Of 2016

Posted on December 7, 2016 by
2016 pop culture moments

2016 has been a rollercoaster of emotions. While many have pegged it to be “the worst year ever,” it’s had its high moments. The moments that, without, would have truly made this year impossible to endure – and funny enough, many came courtesy of pop culture.

From reboots of some of our favourite shows, to new memes the internet couldn’t get enough, to triumphant returns — we definitely had our fair share of laughs and celebration.

Here are 2016’s best moments in pop culture:


Leo’s First Oscar

leonardo dicaprio

Source: williamnherondale on tumblr

It was the moment Leo fans, Tumblr, and the whole world have been waiting a decade to witness. When Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY walked onto the Academy Award stage to accept his first Oscar, not only did he win, he used his time to speak on global warming and the neglecting of indigenous people. Our Leo pride was beaming.


Solo Niall Horan 

niall horan

Source: perriesedwards on tumblr

From out of nowhere, Niall ended up being the second One Direction member to release solo material. “This Town” was released in October and has been reaching massive success ever since… and we all thought Harry was kidding when he said how, without Zayn, Niall would be the mysterious one of the band.


Leslie Jones Shuts Down Trolls

leslie jones

Source: refinery29 on tumblr

When Saturday Night Live’s Leslie Jones started getting attacked by Twitter trolls this year, it left us seeing red. Never one to back down, Leslie fought back at her haters the best way she could: With comedy. Tackling the issue on both SNL and The Emmy’s, the hilarious comedian proved why she is not one to mess with.


“Sad Affleck”

Ah, sad Affleck — how we felt for Ben after Dawn of Justice came out. The Academy Award winner could not catch a break since it was first announced he’d be portraying the caped crusader. For the record, we loved the film — and Ben is actually pretty awesome as Batman.


Adele Raps “Monster”

Proving once more that she can do no wrong, Adele took social media by storm after showing off her rap skills on The Late Late Show’s Carpool Karaoke. Not only did she impress fans, James, and skeptics (yes, Adele skeptics exist) – she also got Niki Minaj’s seal of approval.



Source: beyonceslaying on tumblr

Proving just how unpredictable she is, Beyoncé caught everyone off-guard when she released Lemonade without warninG. The release brought an onslaught of social media madness and overall craze in the beyhive — and inspired James Corden.


Chewbacca Mom

chewbacca mom

Source: dailydot tumblr

One of the more unlikely celebrities came courtesy of “Chewbacca Mom.” It’s the little things in life that can bring us the most joy, and Candace Payne certainly proved that with her purchase of a Chewbacca mask. The now internet famous mom received thousands of views on her adorable Facebook video and, we can only hope to find as much joy as this.


The Kermit meme


It kind of just happened — and spun a Miss Piggy spinoff.


The Joe Biden/ Barack Obama Memes

They really just speak for themselves


“Nasty Women” Unite

janet jackson

Source: Giphy

After Donald Trump referred to Hilary Clinton as a “nasty woman,” this gif became the visual anthem for all self-proclaimed nasty women. The trend went on to garner so much attention that merchandise even started being made. Now THAT is how you turn an insult into movement of empowerment.


Britney’s Return

britney spears

Source: womanzer on tumblr

Britney Spears fans are more than happy to see the songstress back and dominating the music charts where she belongs. After years of scrutiny and hardships with her career and personal relationships, this year saw the pop princess happy, healthy, and better than ever. That’s all fans could ever want.



Selena’s AMA Win

selena gomez

Source: fuckyeahselenit on tumblr

By far, one of this year’s best award speeches came from Selena Gomez. After taking some time off and staying away from her phone for three months, the 24 year old inspired fans to put themselves first and find help if they need it. The speech was moving and showed that she truly is a great role model.





Source: deadpoolbugle on tumblr

Deadpool was the gift that kept on giving. Not only was it one of the year’s best superhero flicks, it also had the added bonus of starring the pride of Canada, Ryan Reynolds. Additionally, it also gave us Ryan on Twitter — which was probably the greatest gift Twitter has given us.



Leo and Lady Gaga

leo and gaga

Source: Giphy

From The Academy Awards to The Golden Globes, we just could not get enough of Leo, and in this moment it’s obvious why. While on her way to accept her first Golden Globe for her role in American Horror Story, Lady Gaga hit a bit of an obstacle in the form of Leo DiCaprio, thus giving us the Leo “oh crap” face, and it was beautiful.



Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

gilmore girls

Source: therentgirl on tumblr

Following in the footsteps of Fuller House, the gang of Stars Hollow returned to our lives in the form of a Netfilx reboot. It’s been 10 years since we last saw Rory, Lorelai, Luke and friends together so, to say we were excited about this, is putting is gently. Also, they all look exactly the same and we don’t understand the sorcery.


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