YouTube Tuesday: Liza Koshy & Lilly Singh Show Us What Clubbing Is Actually Like

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ANDPOP is obsessed with YouTube! That’s why — every Tuesday — we round up the videos from the past week that you should be watching, liking and sharing — all from the channels you should be subscribed to by now.

This week Nigahiga tackles every single challenge, Dan and Phil reunite for the eighth ‘Phil Is Not On Fire,’ Liza Koshy reacts to teens reacting to Liza, and Alex Wassabi gives girlfriend LaurDIY the ultimate Christmas gift.


Little Brown Girl and Superwoman reunite to go clubbing

We have never clicked on a video so fast. Liza Koshy and Lilly Singh aka iiSuperwomanii team up to show those who aren’t old enough, or just don’t go to clubs, what they’re like — in the most hilarious way possible.


Ryan Higa tackles every single challenge

It’s true NigaHiga goes above and beyond the ordinary YouTube challenge — and this video proves that. Rather than doing the regular Mannequin challenge that’s swept every social media platform, Ryan Higa talks why he wants these challenges to end — while he showcases every single challenge video within his mannequin challenge video. It was all one huge inception.


They’re back — for the eighth time

Dan Howell and Phil Lester have reunited for the eighth ‘Phil Is Not On Fire’ where they put whiskers on each other, answer questions, and well, are just them.


Steve Kardynal dances to “Let It Go” on Chatroulette

We expect nothing less from Steve Kardynal, the man we originally started watching these Chatroulette videos on. In his full Elsa get up, Kardynal surprises strangers online as he sings along to the hit Frozen tune.


Alex Wassabi continues to have us in awe

In this paid ad, Alex Wassabi surprises girlfriend/YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki aka LaurDIY with the ultimate winter wonderland. Seeing as Lauren is from Canada, and now lives in Los Angeles, Alex wanted to make sure she still had the chance to experience some sort of a winter wonderland.


Liza reacts to teens reacting to Liza Koshy

We can watch anything Liza Koshy does, including her reacting to teenagers reacting to her videos.

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