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Sabrina Carpenter Talks Her Favourite TV Shows As A Kid

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Sabrina Carpenter’s EVOLution has been an incredible one. The singer/actress initially made waves as Maya Hart on Girl Meets WorldBoy Meets World’s sequel of sorts — but she’s since evolved as not only an actress with talent beyond her years, but as a musician.

Her debut Eyes Wide Open put her on the map as a singer, but her follow up record, EVOLution, has solidified her as not just a Disney singer — but a full fledged musician with multiple sides. The record sees Sabrina’s unique, deep and raspy — yet delicate — vocals blend pop music with jazz and heavy techno beats in a way that utilizes her sound perfectly.

Her songs of love, and really just evolving as a person, suggest a wisdom way beyond her 17 years — and this is only the start of her career. So, when Sabrina was in town on her EVOLution, we jumped at the chance to hang out, and challenge her to a game of Desert Island that, honestly, she killed.

Hit play to find out what books, food (see: desserts) Sabrina would bring with her to a deserted island 



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