20 The Weeknd Lyrics That Will Break Your Heart

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The Weeknd, iHeart Radio Jingle Ball, Toronto

The Weeknd started off similar to Frank Ocean — mysterious, unknown, you get the first. All most fans knew about the singer was his unique Michael Jackson-esque voice and his brooding lyrics… and that was that.

For a long time actually, no one even knew what the looked like — then he revealed hmself and we saw the ‘Beauty Behind The Madness.’ Abel Tesfaye catered to a niche audience that no musician had dabbled into.

The Weeknd’s mixtapes tapped into an emotion and feeling many we’re clearly longing to hear. Now, even with an evolved pop infused sound, and such high demand from the Toronto born artist, life in the spotlight has made its way into his storytelling, which he’s been doing through his multiple mixtapes and now three studio LPS.

Whether its his songs from Trilogy or Starboy and/or songs he’s just featured on, here are The Weeknd lyrics that hit us on an emotional level:


Lyric from: Shameless


Lyric from: Might Not


Lyric from: Belong To The World


Lyric from: Prisoner



the weeknd, gif

SOURCE: tenazh

Lyric from: Tears In The Rain



Lyric from: The Hills


the weeknd, love to lay lyrics

Lyric from: Love To Lay


the weeknd, gif

SOURCE: richiebabex

Lyric from: Rescue You


the weeknd, tears in the rain lyrics

Lyric from: Tears In The Rain


the weeknd, secrets lyrics gif

Lyric from: Secrets


the weeknd, lonely star gif

Lyric from: Lonely Star


Lyric from: Belong To The World


the weeknd, die for you lyrics

Lyric from: Die For You



the weeknd, the knowing lyrics
Lyric from: The Knowing



the weeknd, false alarm gif, lyrics

Lyric from: False Alarm



Lyric from: Gifted


the weeknd, the birds lyrics

SOURCE: vimeo

Lyric from: The Birds Part 1


the weeknd, same old song lyrics

Lyric from: Same Old Song


the weeknd, gif

SOURCE: mxsiclyrics

Lyric from: Tell Your Friends


the weeknd, gif

SOURCE: bvconimp

Lyric from: Belong To The World

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