Track By Track Album Review: “Starboy” By The Weeknd

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Believe it or not but it’s only been a year since we got new music from The Weeknd — and he’s already back at it.  Toronto’s Abel Tesfaye — better known by his stage name The Weeknd —  clearly didn’t want fans going too long without new music, blessing us with Starboy before we were even done playing his sophomore Beauty Behind The Madness on repeat

Considering the latter reached number one on Billboard 200 and multiple number one singles just last year, Abel has quite a bit to follow up with his newest record. Considering the sophomore LP had OG fans wondering if The Weeknd will ever revert back to his Trilogy days or continue onto the pop path, this album is one many have been anticipating.

While fans early waited for the album, The Weeknd dropped a short film with tracks from the album to get fans extra excited for whats to come.

And now that Starboy has arrived — along with this short film — is this highly anticipated album enough to have fans excited for his upcoming world tour? Lets find out. 




The first single off the new album dropped in September featuring Daft Punk and has the infectious The Weeknd chorus that we all have grown to love.


Party Monster

If you pay close attention, you’ll hear Lana Del Rey harmonize with The Weeknd in this song which boasts simple lyrics that are delivered perfectly.


False Alarm (ft. Daft Punk) 

While the video is easiest the coolest The Weeknd has done, the song took a few tries to stick with us — but now it’s on repeat.



With “Reminder,” The Weeknd provides some insight about his fame and success, even mentioning an award show where he won for “Can’t Feel My Face,” singing “I just won a new award for a kids show/talking ’bout a face coming off a bag a blow.”



This more up-beat track will have you dancing and swaying just like you did to “Can’t Feel My Face.”



Sung in a surprising lower register, “Secrets” is about him knowing what’s in a girl’s mind. You might even recognize the chorus from Romantics’ “Talking In Your Sleep.”


True Colors

In this smooth track The Weeknd sings about discovering a girls’ “True Colours.” The melody will have you in love and instantly ready for a night with the one you care about.


Stargirl Interlude FT Lana Del Rey

You can’t have “Starboy” without “Stargirl” and Lana Del Rey is the perfect Yin to his Yang.


Sidewalks (Ft. Kendrick Lamar)

What do you get when you pair the hottest name in hip hop with the man with sweet rhymes and a high falsetto? A hit collaboration about their upbringings — and that’s what “Sidewalks” is.


Six Feet Under

Abel returns with a chorus so infectious and a surprise collaboration with Future that reminds us of The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind The Madness.


Love To Lay

This track about him meeting a girl who “loves to lay” rather than falling in love is perfect for The Weeknd fans who enjoy his pop sound.


 Lonely Night

For the ones who have been lead on and was made seem like they’d be more than a one-night stand, The Weeknd apologizes on behalf of all with this track.



A personal favourite off the album, “Attention” grasps our attention with its unique melody and simplistic lyrics.


Ordinary Life

We hear a bit of regret with “Ordinary Life” where Tesfaye seems like he would take back some choices he’s made with his life and that he’d trade it all for a more simplistic life.


Nothing Without You

Quite different from the rest of the album, Abel professes his love in “Nothing Without You.”


 All I Know (Ft. Future)

Future and The Weeknd reunite for “All I Know,” but seems to just fall short of a memorable track.


Die For You

It’s evident with this track and “Nothing Without You” that he was in love when writing these hits — something very different than fans would be normally used to hearing.


I Feel It Coming (Ft. Daft Punk)

A perfect way to wrap up the album, this tune is reminiscent of Michael Jackson and has us dancing and feeling nostalgic at the same time.



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VERDICT: 4.5/5

The Weeknd ventures more into the pop world with Starboy — which isn’t a terrible thing in the slightest. While diehard fans may have been expecting (or hoping) to hear more of classic Abel similar to the Trilogy, the artist doesn’t dive into the past with his sound. The album is full of surprise collaborations from Daft Punk and Lana Del Rey. It continues to solidify the Toronto born artist into the mainstream world with his sound. Getting inspiration from acts like Michael Jackson have influenced him to go for beats and falsetto that we love  — and we welcome the growth. The Weeknd seems like he’s evolving into a different artist that we originally discovered years past. While this album does dive more into the pop world, it’s The Weeknd’s unique voice that has hooked us with his enchanting lyrics that’s hard to come by in an industry filled with light, fluffy music.

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    The Weeknd this band is one of the my favourite things from the 2010’s. False Alarm – best song from last album Starboy http://lyricsmusic.name/the-weeknd-lyrics/starboy/

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