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The Evolution Of Benedict Cumberbatch: His Life Story

Posted on November 25, 2016 by

Whether it was his sassy and sociopathic Sherlock, his well studied acting in various biopics, his perfect portrayal of Star Trek’s villain Khan, his voice in the Hobbit films, or his new entrance into the Marvel universe with his role of American accented Doctor Strange, the world has collectively fallen for Benedict Cumberbatch.

His acting chops range from giving you chills to making you laugh out loud, his interviews ooze charm and intellect, and his fans have one of the best names to date. Internet culture — and his classically trained acting — has brought Benedict to the forefront of, well, everything. His dancing, his way of saying Penguins, the attention to detail he gives to every role — the list of reasons to have been smitten with Benny from the get go is pretty endless.

Everyone has had a different role that has put him on their radar, but his story is a timeless one. From theatre, to the small screen to the big screen, he has truly done it all, surprising us more and more with every incredible project he takes on.

Hit play to find out Benedict’s journey onto our screens and into our hearts. 



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