15 Reasons You Need To Watch “The Royals”

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the royals

Allow us to introduce you to your newest obsession — The Royals.

The series surrounds a fictional, modern royal family–  and all of their dirty laundry. The E! network drama was the brainchild of One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn and stars Elizabeth Hurley as the Queen of England — a genius casting decision if we do say so ourselves. The cast is gorgeous, the accents are dreamy and the drama is BIG.

The hour-long drama is going into its third season this year and promises more drama and more major twists. If you’ve never seen The Royals, allow us to introduce you to what we promise will be your new favourite show.

These are the reasons why you should start watching The Royals:


Elizabeth Hurley plays the most diabolical queen we’ve ever seen



It’s often directed by James Lafferty — aka OTH’s Nathan Scott

Back for more. Thanks Mastermind.

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The characters have some crazy-intense chemistry


It features a very grown up William Moseley


You’ll recognize him as Peter Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Yeah, he’s done good.


You can watch him sing Disney Songs

Definitely no singing career in his future —  but we love him anyway.


Even the bodyguard is smouldering


Everyone, meet Jasper.


It’s royalty with a spoonful of sass


So sassy.


The fashion is the stuff our dreams are made of


BRB, going to go raid Eleanor’s closet.


Also leaving this here

It's official! #TheRoyals comes back December 4th! Click the link in our bio to see the first pics from the set!

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We can find six reasons why you should be watching The Royals from this photo….


It’s suspenseful

Combined with that Lorde track, all the chills.


It’s comedy



And a few sentimental moments in between


Love these two ladies.


With a villain you’ll love to hate


Kudos to actor Jake Maskall for playing Cyrus so well.


You’re going to fall in love with Alexandra Park and her character, Eleanor


Her character’s development is really great to watch — you’ll laugh and you’ll cry.


The cast’s off-screen relationship is precious

? #werk @tommyae @theroyalsone

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