10 Times The Ladies From “The Originals” Were Total Bad-Asses

Posted on November 24, 2016 by
the originals ladies

New Orleans is packed with some bad ass supernatural women.

The ladies from the hit CW show The Originals have been kicking ass and taking names for three action-packed seasons. The supernatural drama surrounds around the original family of vampires as they desperately try to regain permanent control over the city they once ruled.

While it’s fun to watch Klaus, Elijah and the rest of the crew take down their enemies, it’s even more captivating watching Haley, Rebekah, Davina, Cami and Freya. These bad ass beauties will do just about anything to protect the people they love — and that means trouble for anyone who tries to stand in their way.

We’re taking a look at these moments from The Originals that prove how totally bad ass these leading ladies really are.



When Rebekah had to teach a few guys some manners


Rebekah is not here for your rude ways.


Haley’s “Wizard of Oz” Plan  


We do enjoy a good movie pun.


Davina taking on Klaus, Marcel & Elijah

Do NOT mess with this girl.


Haley & Rebekah’s kick-ass teamwork


Friendly reminder — do not mess with these women.


Haley’s instinct to protect her pack


Never get between a woman and her wolf pack.


The Mikaelson sisters fighting side-by-side

We’re so happy they brought Freya into this show.


Cami’s very vivid threats


You tell em, Cami!


When Davina’s magic was strong enough to break a supernatural sireline

It really is magic to watch.


Haley & Cami’s vampire-MMA training


Because if you’re gonna be a vampire, you have to know how to kick ass.


Freya having none of Aurora’s shit

Bring on all the badass Mikaelson women.



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