Why Outlander’s Jamie & Claire Fraser Are TV’s Best Couple

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Outlander’s one true pairing has certainly come a long way.

What started as a forced marriage beneficial for  survival in 1700s Scotland turned into a partnership, then became love.

Meet Jamie Fraser (Sam Hueghan) — a brave, compassionate and loyal leader –and Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser (Caitriona Balfe), strong, loyal, intelligent, compassionate — and a tad stubborn.

In 1945, while on her honeymoon with her husband Frank Randall, Claire visited Craigh na Dun — it was there where she was sent to 1743, and stumbled into the Fraser clan. Based on Diana Gabaldon novels of the same name, Outlander‘s Jamie and Claire has become a couple we’ve continuously rooted for throughout.

On this day, November 23, Brianna Ellen Randall Fraser MacKenzie — AKA Jamie and Claire’s second child — was born in 1948. So in honour of their love (and while we wait for season three), let us recap what makes this couple so memorable — and well liked:


He listens to what she has to say

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In an era where men didn’t listen to their women, Jamie was different. While the beginning was a bit uncertain and rocky, Fraser really changed for the better and began to treat Claire as an equal and listened to her as a partner — even when she was being stubborn.


They make for a great team

They’re both protective of one another. If Jamie gets captured, Claire’s there to break him out and vice versa. If Jamie gets injured, Claire is there to bandage the wounds.


Claire never gave up on Jamie even after having gone through traumatizing events,

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It’s easier said than done to try and actually help your spouse fight through such a difficult time in ones life – especially when it involves rape – but Claire never gave up and was there for Jamie every step of the way.


Jamie was willing to let Claire go back to Frank Randall fully knowing she’d never return to him

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Now if this isn’t true love, we don’t know what is. He was willing to put aside his feelings so she return to the time she was originally from. He put all his feelings aside and was willing to stand behind whatever Claire chose to do – WHERE DO WE FIND US A PARTNER LIKE THIS?


They spent their wedding night getting to know each other before consummating the marriage


Seeing as Jamie and Claire had known each other for a limited about of time, it was nice to see they didn’t actually rush into things — but chose to talk for a bit prior.


Claire opened up to Jamie about where she’s from and he believed her entirely

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Now explain this to us. If someone tells you that they time-travelled to the 1700s and you’re actually from the 1900s… would you believe them? What if you truly loved them? Well, Jamie believed Claire entirely. The love they shared was enough for Jamie to completely believe and trust everything that Claire said — and Claire was brave enough to share her story with Jamie.


Jamie stood up in front of a mob accusing that Claire was a witch

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Due to Claire’s knowledge of how modern medicine works, and seeing how people in the 1700s didn’t know that — we understand how people would just assume that she was some kind of sorceress. But, that didn’t stop Jamie from rushing back in time to clear her name (or try to) — if it wasn’t for Geillis also sacrificing herself that is.


They took in Fergus as their own

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Born as Claudel, the former French orphan was hired by Jamie while the couple stayed in Paris — which ended up resulting in a family forming before our eyes. Jamie and Claire fed, clothed and were parents to Fergus and before we knew it, they had their first child.


Claire adapted into Jamie’s clan easily

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Claire was quickly no outsider — or out-lander for than matter. It’s like she was always meant to be part of Jamie’s clan, and it showed. How swiftly she stood her own grounds with the men and how they began to respect her more than just a woman but an equal — with a little help from Jamie of course (it was the 1700s after all).

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