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Shout Out to Little Mix — you’re really quite the chicks!

The ladies of Little Mix are determined to keep climbing the charts with their power anthems and beautiful ballads. With three successful albums already under their belts and a few sold out tours along the way, their fourth debut Glory Days seems like an appropriate tribute to where they are now in their careers.

After becoming the first group to win the X Factor in 2011, they’ve gone on to sell a few million albums worldwide and even set a chart record when their debut album DNA hit the number four spot on the Billboard chart — the highest debut album for a U.K. girl group since The Spice Girls in 1997.

They’re arguably the biggest pop group in the UK right now and they continue to build excitement across the pond where we will be patiently waiting for their opening set on Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour.

Is Little Mix’s new album Glory Days worth a shout out? Find out in our track-by-track review.


Shout To My Ex

This is definitely the group’s most personal break-up song they’ve written so far — it’s been widely circulated who some of the lyrics are about… BUT WHO CARES? What’s fun about this track is the fact that it doesn’t feel bitter, it’s a hair-flipping I’m better off without you wave goodbye —  and the video is all about having your friends by your side. The verses are sassy and the chorus is pure fun.



The chorus is catchy but the rest of the song is almost forgetful. You might feel the urge to sway your hips along, but it’s not likely this song will stand out above some of the others on the album.



The girls are no stranger to a 50’s throwback melody. The sweetness of the music is a direct contrast to the bite in the lyrics —  “I wish you were dead till you take me to bed” is just one example. Yet again, Little Mix is putting their own unique spin on a breakup track.



Yep, this track features one Mr. Charlie Pluth — and for the one collab on the record, this was the best choice they could’ve made. Their styles and vocals fit perfectly together — his sweetness with their soulful vocals are what dreams are made of.


You Gotta Not

Little Mix are not here for your child-like boyish ways. You can hear Meghan Trainor’s style in there (she’s a co-writer) because it has the horns and the sassy-yet-bubbly pop flavour we’ve heard from MT’s own songs. The best parts are the “You Gotta Not” clap-backs after every lyric and Leigh-Ann’s megaphone moment.


Down & Dirty

Switching things up completely from the 50s vibes is a “Down & Dirty,” a club banger that is H.O.T. We haven’t really heard the girls take their sound this electronic before. The pulsing beats, the sultry vocals…the grit and growl in their vocals is insane. Calling this one an album highlight.



The revved up engine that opens the song basically sums up the energy of this song. It feels like “Salute” in its message but it’s different in its sound to stand out as something entirely unique and just as special. To put it simply, “You’re the man, but I got the power.”


Your Love

While the chorus might stick with you for a few minutes, the song fails to stand out against some of the album’s big players. It fills the album out fine but there are other songs that will deserve multiple listens.


Nobody Like You

There’s something so powerful about this song as their delicate and heartbreaking vocals sing about a painful breakup. We haven’t heard a ballad like this from them in awhile. You might need a few tissues.


No More Sad Songs

It’s songs like this that keep the album from feeling too 50s. It’s a lighter dance track that’ll make you want to move your hips as you sing their plead of No More Sad Songs. It feels like a new beginning after all of the breakup songs; a declaration to start over. Highlight: Perrie’s vocals at the end. DAMN, GIRL.


Private Show

Here you have one of the best songs off the album — a symphony of horns, sharp vocals and a booming anthemic overall feeling. Think early 2000s pop influences, and a touch of early Janet Jackson when you hear the beats in the chorus.


12. Nothing Else Matters

An unexpected 80s transition that features a booming chorus with a big message — “Nothing else matters like us.” You can already picture them chanting this on tour. An empowering anthem from the ladies who know how to do it so well.











Verdict: 4 shout outs out of 5

With what feels like their most personal album yet, Little Mix continue to make us feel like sexy, sassy BAMF’s with their music. The LM staples are all in this album- big chanting choruses, female and friendship-empowered messages and bouncy, anthemic songs mixed with a touch of attitude. Even with big songs their personality is always in the lyrics. There are enough strong tracks that will easily outweigh the just okay-ones. With each album they’re growing always fun watching where these girls will take their music.

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