Why Arrow’s John Diggle Is The Best Friend You Can Have

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Five seasons later, a handful of deaths, marriages and new friends — and John Diggle is still the best.

The CW series first aired back in 2012 and surely marked the start of something new for the network. Soon after its airdate, multiple superhero comics made its way to the channel like The Flash, Supergirl and Legends Of Tomorrow — but it was always Arrow that started it off for us.

Superheroes, relationships and epic action aside, it was truly the friendships on the show that, to this day, sets it apart from other shows. The friendship between Oliver Queen and John Diggle, especially, is one that has grown and matured over seasons and has help build the show to where it is today.

While Oliver Queen has his charming and hella fine moments, it’s always John Diggle (portrayed by David Ramsey) who we’ve always wanted on our side, our squad, our team, or whatever you call it — we want him as OUR brother, OUR BFF.

Throughout the five seasons he’s continuously proven himself as a stand up guy in general, and the best friend a person could have — and we have all the proof you need: 


He’s a family man

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One thing we ALL can agree on is NOTHING gets in between Diggle and his family.


He believes in second chances


It takes a lot of will and power to give someone whose done you wrong a second chance, regardless if they are blood — but that’s just the type of person John is. That type of person to trust his brother again even after he was warned.


He’s loyal

To Oliver, to Felicity, to the team — he’ll do anything for his friends. He treats them as family and would go to the end of the earths for them. Loyalty is embedded into John Diggle whether he wants it or not. 


He’ll never not be impressed by The Flash


Hey, Barry Allen’s life isn’t a normal thing — so excuse us for understanding why he’ll always be impressed whenever The Flash comes to town. HE’S REALLY, REALLY FAST — IT’S COOL OK.


His sass


You would think Queen would know not to ask Diggle questions like that, but does Oliver ever learn? 


He’s honest


Honesty is a thing many friendships lack unfortunately, but Diggle isn’t here to sugarcoat anything. He tells it how it is, and we appreciate that within anyone, especially people who call themselves a friend.


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