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20 Celebrities Who America Could Have Elected Instead

Posted on November 9, 2016 by
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Last night, today, depending on where you are, we found out that America’s next president is billionaire business man Donald Trump — a celebrity who’s notability, beyond his money, has come from his cutthroat business reality show The Apprentice. The man once known for his catchphrase “you’re fired,” confusingly orange tinted skin and questionable hair style became known as a “politician” when he became the republican candidate for America’s federal election. As we watched Donald Trump go head to head against political veteran Hilary Clinton, we learned about his platform — one based on racism, misogyny, xenophobia and homophobia. His fact checked speech’s have proved him to be a liar with seriously scary ideas about what America — and probably the world — should look like.

Despite his scary plans, the man has been named president of one of the most powerful nations of the world — how, raising unlimited questions. Now, Canada’s immigration site has crashed and, well, we welcome you with open arms. Our leader is smart, dedicated, AND a looker.

Instead of electing an educated, firm, motivated individual, America has voted a celebrity into the White House. One who’s provided quite the reality show over months past — but the fact remains, a damaging character has been elected, instead of someone with the knowledge, compassion and passion to run a country.

If a celebrity was to be elected, we think we could have done a LOT better.

Here are the smart, educated, driven, inspired, motivating celebrities who could be in the White House right now:


Lauren Jauregui


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This young Fifth Harmony member proves again and again she is wise beyond her years with her political, social and feminist awareness. She speaks about important issues with an eloquence many struggle to achieve. She constantly uses her influence to motivate and educate. Yesterda,y she wrote on Instagram — where she shares many of her fully formed and educated ideas:

— “Today is a monumental day where we will either as a nation decide to rewind 20 years and side with a poorly qualified, misogynistic, homophobic, racist…OR a well equipped, educated, strong leader who happens to be a woman. There’s a very clear choice here for progression, choose wisely.”

She would be the wiser choice, let us tell you. She empowers young people to make a difference, and young women to be the badasses they were meant to be. She is fierce, determined and passionate.



There has never been a world issue Zendaya hasn’t spoken to. Her consistent efforts to bring controversial topics to the forefront has been incredible and admirable. She’s a real life superhero.


Bryan Cranston

His rhetoric alone makes Bryan an idea candidate — the way he speaks about important issues is so well versed and displays his substantial intellect. He manages to balance humour with serous information in a way that makes his presence and performance electrifying — he would be a mind blowing speech maker.


Rowan Blanchard

World, meet this badass girl. At 15 years old this Girl Meets World star has expressed her extremely well versed opinions on privilege, equal rights, feminism and the list goes on. She pens personal essays that present an intellect that far surpasses what we would ever expect from a 15 year old. She has so much life left to live, yet, still has so much wisdom to give. She is critical, open minded, and a trailblazer if we’ve ever seen one.

Alicia Keys

This soulful, passionate, insightful woman is nurturing, hardworking and determined — enough adjectives for you? If her time on The Voice is any insight, Alicia understands people. She is a powerful force to be reckoned with, whose empathy and understanding of the world and human beings is what America needs right now. She is educated and speaks with true feeling — when she speaks, you hear how genuine and driven she truly is. She has always spoke up when it counts. She’s hired.

alicia keys

SOURCE: SizVideos



Robert Downey Jr

robert downey jr


Honestly, America needs a superhero right about now.


Ellen Degeneres

She may be a funny lady — but she knows how to be serious. She knows how to bring comedy in for relief — while also talking about serious issues. Her take on the elction is incredibly refreshing, saying “our differences make us strong.”


Scarlett Johansson

scarlett johansson


Like we said…they need a superhero. Scarlett has been the epitome of a strong female in Hollywood and actively campaigned for America to make the right choice — before the made a wrong one.


Mark Ruffalo

mark ruffalo


Honestly, the world would be a better place if The Avengers were looking out for us. Mark Ruffalo has been incredibly involved in the election in efforts to defeat the hate. He has been using his social media throughout to encourage voting, and to educate on the platforms — the progressive and regressive.


Chance The Rapper

We all know that Chance The Rapper is politically aware — he was anything but quiet throughout this election, performing at Hilary’s rally and, even leading young voters to polls in Chicago. Plus, we know he can wear many hats — pun intended because, c’mon, we could use a laugh in these troubling times.


Miley Cyrus

Miley loves everyone — a quality that the current *shivers* “President Of The United States” doesn’t seem to share with her. Her devotion to improving the lives of the homeless, the LGBT community and animals has been enlightening and so incredibly important.


Kanye West

Well they elected Donald Trump so… #Kanye2020


Lin Manuel Miranda

Just try to fight us on this one. Lin is one of the smartest, most positive people out there  — and lets not forget the importance of his gender equality conversation regarding #HeForShe with Emma Watson. He changed the theatre world, he’ll change America.



A video posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

We’re not going to dignify this with a reason. She’s already queen. She may as well be president.


Tony Goldwyn

He’s TV’s favourite president — although, we think he may be better than his on screen alias, President Fitz. Plus, he’s just as educated off screen as he is on. He understands Donald Trump’s dangerous ideas, and understands that a nation is about the people, not self betterment.


Demi Lovato

#ImWithHer ?????

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We all know that Demi is “with her” — and we also know there are few people as outspoken, and open as the songstress. She tells it how it is, and won’t be silenced. She stands her ground, and the way she’s used her platform to educate about mental health has been iconic and a massive help to the movement to remove mental health stigmas.



Halsey takes no prisoners. Like Demi, she’s upfront and refuses to censor herself — and that’s what makes her badass. She understands the importance of taking hold of your future — especially if you are female. This young lady is a firecracker who would stop at nothing to better the nation.


Lady Gaga

I think we all know everything that Lady Gaga stands for. Equality. Love for all. Embracing what makes you different.


Leonardo DiCaprio

This icon can basically do anything. His involvement in bringing global warming issues to light displays his knowledge of serious issues, his perseverance to really talk about important problems and his dedication to bringing awareness is undeniable.



The coolest chick in R&B never censors herself, is outspoken (see a trend?) and at 21 has lived more life than most. She has a deep understanding of people and the world we live in. We have a feeling she has a lot of wisdom to share with the nation. She’d  legalize weed and encourage love — and only love — for everyone.


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