8 Fictional Fantasy Worlds We Want To Visit

Posted on November 8, 2016 by Melissa LoParco
fantasy Lands

For many of us, stories set in a fantastical place — whether we’re reading about it, or watching it come to life on screen —  acts as an escape.

… But what if we could actually escape to these fantasy settings? Where would you go if you could? Some fantasy lands are best enjoyed from far away thanks to a lot of blood shed and drama, but others are so beautiful and fairy-tale like that we can’t help but wish they were real.

We would absolutely love to visit these fictional fantasy worlds – but some only under very certain circumstances as you will see below.


Take a look at worlds we’d love to visit and see if they match yours: 


Kingdoms of the Remnant (The Remnant Chronicles)

The Kingdoms of The Remnant Chronicles are vast and beautiful. They range on climates, geography, and cultures that would make for a super exciting road trip. Mary E. Pearson does such a great job in her books setting the scene and making you really see the intricate land the story is set it. The book also comes with a map so you can actually follow the journey the characters go on. Everyone knows a book is going to be good if it starts with a map.


Any Superhero Universe


falafel the avengers


This one is a little less specific  — it’s also technically sci-fi but shh — and maybe not everyone wants to have all the villains always out to get their city, but don’t lie and say you wouldn’t love to see Captain America or Harley Quinn walking down the street on a day that isn’t Halloween.


The Known World (Westeros, Essos, and Sothoryos etc. in A Song of Fire and Ice)

We know what you’re thinking; why would anyone want to live in a place with that much death? Lets just put that glaring flaw to the side and talk about all the beautiful places it holds! From Winterfell to King’s Landing to Braavos and Volantis (to just name a few) there is beauty everywhere in the known world that would be incredible to see…just maybe after the war is over, yeah? Or at least on an off vacationing season…

Winter Is Coming

SOURCE: Bustle



Doctor Who London

doctor who london

SOURCE: xxskyscraperxx on Tumblr

This setting is, again, technically a sci-fi world — but it is still a world that would be kind of epic to belong to. You know aliens who want to end the world aside. There just really needs to be a world where the Doctor and the TARDIS are real life things.


Prythian (More specifically, The Night Court in A Court of Mist and Fury)

night court court of mist and fury

SOURCE: aly-naith on Tumblr

In the second book of The Court of Thorns and Roses series (A Court of Mist and Fury,) Sarah J. Maas has managed to create the most perfect world ever. All seven of the different courts in Prythian are named for the seasons and times of day and ACOMAF fans are introduced to the Night Court. It is perfect. There are mountains, stars, Velaris… let’s go right now.


Middle Earth (Lord Of The Rings)

middle earth lord of the rings

SOURCE: LoserImagines on Tumblr

Middle Earth is insane. It’s ridiculous. From the most adorable Shire (which you can actually visit in New Zealand) to the spectacular Rivendell, Middle-Earth is a very special place. It’s also one of the fantasy worlds that inspired what we see in fantasy today —  it’s always nice to visit the firsts.  

The Wizarding World (Harry Potter)

harry potter wizarding world

SOURCE: Rebloggy

What would a list be without the Wizarding World from the Harry Potter series? This is a world that almost everyone has wanted to be apart of since the series took off. Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, magical creatures, quidditch, butterbeer, just everything. People wanted to be apart of this world so bad that they have now built theme parks that mimic the world. This is the ultimate fantasy world to live in and we get to see even more of it later this month when Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them comes out!

Narnia (The Chronicles of Narnia)

A lot of time has been spent discussing the number one fantasy world — and there’s one that gets forgotten thanks to the perfection of the Wizarding World from Harry Potter. When you go to Narnia pretty much no time passes in the real world. It’s a procrastinators dream vacation. You can live a whole separate life in Narnia, come back and you can get right back to your daily life plan. It’s the ideal situation, really. Of course, it is also absolutely stunning and has Aslan — but the time thing is probably the number one perk.  

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