6 Reasons Why Seeing Pentatonix Live Is A MUST

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From The Sing Off, to their YouTube videos, to their cover albums, to their original album, to selling out stadiums, it’s crazy to think how far Pentatonix has come — and how long they’ve been in our lives. Together, Scott Hoying, Kirstie Maldonado, Kevin Olusola, Avi Kaplan and Mitch Grassi have not only made us fall in love with a capella — and their crazy vocals.

They’ve made us fall in love with them as people, their infectious energy, their incredible representation of #TeamInternet and their general genre-bending revolutionary rise to the top.

Nothing packs the punch that is Pentatonix more than seeing them live — so obviously we had to head over to Toronto’s stadium, The Air Canada scence, to experience their magic live for the, admittedly, the first time ever.

It turns out, nothing can really compare to seeing these five rock out on stage live. Here’s why seeing them on their tour is a MUST.



Their vocals

Okay we all know that every member of PTX has a special vocal ability whether it be singing or making an unworldly noise (Kevin and Avi are truly magic). Live, their voices soar through massive arenas, proving that A Capella is just as infectious as a rock concert. High notes, belts, harmonies, they can do it all with a chemistry that’s electric. The way their voices play off of one another is no secret but experiencing it live will give you chills.

Crowd Interaction

It’s not revolutionary to have fans sing your lyrics back to you, but every group member of Pentatonix manages to have a moment with the crowd to thank them, and get them pumped. Plus, at their Toronto show they stopped to take a photo because she (Mitch) felt the need to celebrate the massive, pumped up crowd. They ALSO pull up people on stage to sing songs with them — IF ONLY.


The Stage

a cappella in the coolest way possible @ptxofficial #toronto ???????#ptxworldtour

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They may not have shiny costumes or big dance numbers, but it’s Pentatonix’s set that kicks the excitement into high gear. Every few songs the stage is moved around to incorporate chilled out bean bag chairs, to bright risers complete with colours to an empty stage to run around. Every stage arrangment sets the tone for the next few tunes and it makes for an engaging performance.


Unexpected performances

Kevin's cello solo #kevinolusola #pentatonix #ptxworldtour #ptxworldtourtor

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From tunes with openers to Kevin’s out of this world cello/beat boxing solo, this is more than music. It’s a variety show packed with different genres of music.

The Energy

Best weekend I've had in a while #ptxworldtour #scomiche

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Every concert is supposed to feel like the act is happy to be there — but that’s not always the case. However, when Pentatonix hits the stage, they are bouncing around, belting out and partying with the rest of the crowd. You KNOW they are fulfilling their dreams by playing to these arenas and their actions speak even louder than every time they share the sentiment. They give 100% to every performance and keep you alive and excited until the last song.


It’s A Capella

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At the end of the day, the most exciting thing about seeing these guys live is the fact that everything they do is done with their voices, every note every sound. We know their vocals are insane, but the fact that you’re at a massive arena listening to people singe A Capella is a milestone, unheard of, and just so incredibly special. They have taken a very uncommon genre and revolutionized it and that’s impossible to ignore seeing them live.


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