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Why We Ship DELENA: The Vampire Diaries’ Damon And Elena

Posted on November 4, 2016 by

Every show has that one couple everyone is rooting for — but most have multiple couples, usually competing against one another. With “Why We Ship” ANDPOP rounds up all the reasons why we’re rooting for our favourite couples, as well as some of their most unforgettable moments. Today, we’re talking about The Vampire Diaries’ #DELENA

When The Vampire Diaries first started, Elena Gilbert had fallen head over heals for vampire Stefan Salvatore when he returned to his home, small town Mystic Falls — and his brother, Damon, was the villain no one wanted around.

But oh how times changed, as Damon’s relationship with Elena — and his brother — developed and grew over the show’s seasons.  From enemies, to allies, to friends, to soulmates, Delena’s evolution is one of the most poignant and beautiful on the long running show surrounding vampires and doppelgängers — among other beings. They have had major obstacles — Elena being in an eternal slumber until her best friend dies being the biggest — but we know that in the end, they always come back to one another.

Their banter, chemistry, and utter devotion to one another are just a couple reasons why we will always love Damon and Elena — and why we’re rooting for their end to be a happy one as the show comes to a close.

Hit play for every reason why we want Damon & Elena to be endgame 


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