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Benedict Cumberbatch Mad-Libbed A Cheeky Scene With Jimmy Fallon & Performed It

Posted on November 4, 2016 by
benedict cumberbatch mad libs

Benedict Cumberbatch’s press tours for movies never disspoint, and his rounds in promotion of Doctor Strange has been no different. Most recently, Benedict help Jimmy mad lib a scene to act out for the Tonight Show segment — and it was just as cheeky as you’d expect.

In the scene Benedict is interrogating Jimmy — with an accent — who is trying to plead innocent…also with an accent. The best part of the whole thing is Benedict just want to say f&*k, adorably saying “buttock,” and Jimmy’s over all losing it over the hilarious outcome of the mad libs.

The beginning of the fun is the creation of the scene, but the acting out of it all just really brings this together — WARNING: Don’t watch in public. Snort laughter will ensue.

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