17 Things We’ll Miss About ‘Pretty Little Liars’

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A seven year long journey will be coming to an end next year — and although we’re ready to say goodbye, that doesn’t mean it’ll be easy.

As Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars wrapped up filming this past weekend, the cast and crew has been reminiscing on all that’s happened these past years. Whether it be the girls posting farewell Instagram posts or getting tattoos in honour of their characters – it’s been an emotional week. And to think, we’re still months away from the finale.

The show will return in April 2017 with Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse and the rest of Rosewood for what we can only imagine as one emotional end to the seventh and final season.

In the seven years we were graced with this book-to-show adaptation of Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars, we were introduced to characters who have given us something to look forward to on Tuesday evenings. Relatable characters, the suspense — this show was a big part of our lives, and still is.

The twists and turns, the strong female relationships — we understand it was time for this show to end, but we will miss these things:


The ‘A’ notes

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We’ll miss anytime we were given a note from ‘A’ or ‘A.D.’


The relationships

We’ll miss all the relationships – Ezria, Haleb, Emison, Spoby, oh my!


Whenever Hanna said whats on her mind

We’ll miss Hanna’s rage outbursts.


Spencer trying to solve everything

We’ll miss having Spencer around to solve everything, because damn is that girl smart.


The theme song

We’ll miss that damn catchy theme song that somehow we’re still not tired of hearing.


When the girls go badass on someone

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We’ll miss all those threats in attempt to defend their friends.


The creepy scenes

We’ll miss those creepy scenes when the girls were captured by ‘A.’


The soundtrack

We’ll miss all the great tunes that this show had stellar music alongside some of its sexiest, and some of its most heartbreaking scenes.


The Halloween costumes

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We’ll miss every Halloween episodes where the girls would always dress up in the greatest outfits.


All the steamy ‘intimate’ scenes

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We’ll miss everyone’s first kiss — because, well, there were a lot.


When Aria gave us words of wisdom


We’ll miss when Aria acted as our inner conscience.


Every moment the girls had each others back

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From happy moments, to secrets, to murders these girls constantly had each others back.


Emily’s hard working ways

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We’ll miss all those times when Emily Fields’ optimism was a light in the dark, and the countless moments when she worked her ass off to get what she wanted.


The guest stars

We’ll miss   Robbie Amell, Gregg Sulkin, Arden Cho, Ryan Guzman, Adam Lambert, Claire Holt — all of our faves who briefly graced this show. 


Alison’s constant fight for survival

We’ll miss all those times Alison fought her way out of the craziest of scenarios.


No one is every truly gone


We’ll miss the fact that no one is actually gone from the show, that at any moment a character can come back whether it’s through a dream or not.


And finally, the fact that we, as a viewer, can’t trust anyone

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We’ll miss the possibility of literally anyone being the killer. Seriously, anyone.

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