11 Reasons Why We Appreciate Damon and Bonnie’s Friendship On The Vampire Diaries

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When you watch a TV show, it’s just as easy to become invested in its friendships as its romantic relationships.

As The Vampire Diaries begins its eighth and final season, it’s time to say goodbye to the friendship that took us by surprise and changed the way we watch the show forever — the friendship between Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett. The vampire and witch that began their relationship as enemies-turned alliance- turned full on friendship.

We’ve been watching these two evolve for seven seasons, through their high and their lows. Who knew when they were insulting each other and throwing shade that they would end up being our favourite duo, giving us unlimited feels?

The final season is going to put their friendship to the test, as Bonnie and the rest of the crew try and rescue Damon and Enzo from the mysterious supernatural force that has taken over their minds. We’ll be on the edge of our seats every week, watching and waiting for these two crazy kids to return to each other and get back to kicking ass and taking names:

These are the reasons why we will forever ship the friendship now known as #Bamon.


These two didn’t exactly start off on the right foot


Bonnie Bennet is not a witch you wanna mess with — but Damon was always willing to try.


But being stuck in a prison world together definitely created a lifelong bond


Watching these two begin their friendship was the only good thing about the fact that they were stuck in a prison world.


Their banter is perfection




They genuinely make us smile




They are each other’s rock


We love watching how protective Damon is when he really cares about someone. And we love that that person is now Bonnie.


They are ride or die


Watching them kick supernatural ass is one of the show’s best moments.


We didn’t expect their friendship to give us so many feelings




This goodbye moment basically killed us


No, we’re not crying okay YOU’RE CRYING.


Because Damon became her best friend when Elena wasn’t able to be there for her


After the heart-breaking goodbye to Elena, we weren’t sure how Damon would cope. Thankfully Bonnie has been there to stand by him and give him something to fight for.


But when they returned to each other all was right in the world


Bamon’s reunited and it feels so goooood.


Bamon will live on forever


This friendship is for LYFE. #BAMON.

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