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The Next Step’s Brittany Raymond & Giuseppe Bausilio Talk Hamilton and Bean Boozled Jelly Beans

Posted on October 20, 2016 by

Drama and dance is always in the air at The Next Step Dance Academy — so we kept it simple when we caught up with The Next Step cast members Brittany Raymond and Giuseppe Bausilio.

It’s truly been a treat to see their characters Riley and Alfie — among others — grow and learn all the while training with their competitive dance troupe, the A-Troupe. Of course, the studio is no stranger to secrets, relationships, cliques — and neither are their characters.  On the show, Brittany and Giuseppe’s characters have had some tumultuous times over the show’s course…and their future is all up in the air. But, what’s The Next Step if not packed with twists, turns, relationship drama and a whole lot of dance?

When we hung out with the cast members we tested their knowledge of one another — and learned a lot about them in the process!

Hit play to find out what Brittany is always doing on set, Giuseppe’s celeb crush and more! 



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