8 Reasons To Get Excited For “Riverdale”

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The internet had a lot of questions when it was announced that the CW picked up Riverdale, a TV adaptation of the classic Archie Comics. After all, how can you even start to try to re-imagine a franchise so iconic — and one that already had a cartoon adaptation, Archie’s Weird Mysteries?

Apparently, by taking the characters and plot and doing a 360 — and amping up the sex factor and the creepy factor. This isn’t the comic books you read — and that’s a damn good thing.

The show — which seems to be more based off of Archie’s Weird Mysteries — will kick off at the beginning of the school year, following the tragic death of the school’s pride and joy Jason Blossom. Obviously, Archie Andrews acts as the focal point, after wrapping up quite the summer himself — in other words, his affair with his teacher has come to a complete end. Packed with iconic characters Cheryl Blosso, Josie, Jughead and of course, Betty and Veronica, everyone has their demons and are trying to build and fix friendships and relationships. But,  Jason’s mysterious death   is all it takes to wake up the residents of sleepy town of Riverdale who are quick to find out just how dangerous their town is.

So with Betty and Veronica and Cheryl are all vying for Archie’s intentions, a mystery, and Jughead narrates the whole thing (plot twist) we have a lot in store for us. The series will star K.J. Apa, Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, Camila Mendes and Luke Perry to name a few will bring all those characters we fell in love with back to life, and make sure they have lots to hide — because it wouldn’t be interesting otherwise.

This is Archie like we’ve never seen before — and we wouldn’t rather such a staple franchise be brought back to life any other way. We know we can’t begin to guess what this show has up its sleeves and we’ll be waiting for the pilot with baited breath.

Here’s why everyone else needs to start getting pumped — because we can’t be the only ones:



It’s Darker, edgier and more mysterious

So we get to see iconic characters reimagined in a totally different way


The loose adaptation is significantly darker than the comic books and the mystery TV series. It’s creepy, and we can’t get enough.


The cast

Their off screen chemistry ALREADY

We already love their back and forth — plus, what a beautiful cast, right??? The cast interviews are going to be incredible!


It’s HOT

The iconic Betty/Archie/Veronica love triangle will take new heights




archie riverdale

SOURCE: JesperFahey


Cole Sprouse

cole sprouse

SOURCE: alwayschach-sprouseblog

We can’t WAIT to see one of our oldest faves return to the small screen in a big way.  There is a lot to tap into with his Jughead character


We’re so curious to see what Cole will do with the iconic character — we’re sure a lot of twists are headed our way, because we know to expect Jughead to be NOTHING like we’ve seen him before. After all, the role made Cole want to start acting again.



stranger things, barb

SOURCE: bensoics

That’s right, Stranger Things‘ own Barb — — will take on the role of Ethel Muggs
Of course, Riverdale’s version of Ethel will be little like the comic — instead of being in love with Jughead, she will have a different love interest and will befriend Betty and Veronica in the process of trying to solve the mystery plaguing the town.

The Mystery


We want to know EVERYTHING about the adaptation’s version of the Blossom twins — want want to see just how much trouble the gang gets into trying to get to the bottom of it. We expect twists, turns, and a whole lot of WTF’s. Plus, we know a LOT will be spilled in the final episodes, according to the cast…including a conclusion to the triangle, the mystery, and a special appearance by WHO?


It’s Greg Berlanti’s show

flash the arrow

SOURCE: ScreenerTV

Creator behind TV’s superhero universe — Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl — is executive producing another iconic universe and we wouldn’t have anyone else do so. He has proven his nack for paying homage to classic characters, while making them his own and finding the balance between artistic license and staying true to pre-formed stories. We know he will turn the Archie franchise on its head to make it something we never could have guessed — while also being nostalgic in ways. He forms incredible characters, electric relationships, and knows how to keep viewers on edge.



Between forming said superhero universe and bringing unique stories to life like Jane The Virgin, The CW always seems to know how to spice things up. Plus, would we rather a teen drama placed anywhere else? We would rather Riverdale no where else than on a network in the company of Arrow, Supernatural, Reign, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and The 100 — just to name a few.


In other words

archie jughead



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