20 Reasons Why We Never Fell Out Of Love With Zac Efron

Posted on October 18, 2016 by
zac efron

Zac Efron has been part of our lives for as long as we can remember. From his role on teen show Summerland and his big break as Troy Bolton on High School Musical to his more recent comedies, he’s always been putting a smile our faces and making our hearts flutter.

We’re not sure what it is — that smile, those biceps or his effortless sweet charm. Realistically, it’s all that and then some more. Watching Zac grow and make his own unique name as a film comedian has been incredibly rewarding — and just really really nostalgic.

Truth is, Zac never really gave us time to fall out of love with him — he was a teen hearthrob and now he’s just a regular ol’ hearthrob.

Here’s why we never quite were able to shake our crush on Zac Efron:


His budding friendship with Simon Biles



He speaks on behalf of world issues


He’s a song and dance man

link larkin zac efron

SOURCE: smokeandmirrors-r on Tumblr


And looks damn good in a cowboy hat

cowboy zac efron

SOURCE: fuckyeahzacdavid on Tumblr


He’s a great duet partner




He duetted with Betty Freaking White


He’s super gifable


He has serious moves



His comedic timing



But also flare for drama



17 Again is one of the most underrated gems of this time

zac efron

SOURCE: drain-seeker


And lets not forget he was an important part of our childhood



And simultaneously the best thing to happen to Tumblr





Never forget


He’s full of compliments


He’s okay with a little bit of nudity



He makes our hearts flutter

He’s the king of throwbacks


Also, That bod

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