15 Times Liza Understood Life In Your 20s In “Younger”

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On Younger Liza Miller may be a woman in her forties posing as a 26 year old — but to be honest, she kind of just gets millennials. Over Younger’s now three seasons we’ve seen the quirky character — played by the equally quirky Sutton Foster — go through the motions and a lot of rites of passage similar to that of a twenty-something.

From her trying to navigate romance, to understanding technology to just trying to exist in a workplace packed with youngin’s, Liza is basically (almost) every young adult. She’s awkward and confused, just trying to make it through with the help of her friends.

In all of these moments, Liza TRULY understood what it is to try to stay afloat in your twenties:



What NetflixAndChill ACTUALLY means



Realizing those three dots are fickle af



We’re all kind of clueless


The struggle of Tindr



Attempting to flirt

liza miller younger

SOURCE: Fanpop


When you first hook your TV up to the internet



Talking yourself into a poor life choice

liza miller younger

SOURCE: SheKnows


Applying for jobs

liza miller younger

SOURCE: Sidereel


Consuming pop culture like



And trying to keep up with slang

liza miller younger

SOURCE: Hollywood


Expect the unexpected

liza miller younger

SOURCE: Primo Gif


Tackling social media

liza miller younger



Trying to adult like

liza miller younger

SOURCE: Younger TV on Tumblr


But mostly, like this

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