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Here’s Why Liza Koshy Is The Funniest Woman On The Internet

Posted on October 12, 2016 by
Liza koshy


With the surge amount of creators that fill up our timelines and feeds — thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, etc — its actually become hard to find comedic personalities we connect with… but we think we found that one woman.

There are many talented creators on YouTube, but video after video, tweet after tweet, Liza Koshy proves over and over again that she in fact is the funniest. Whether it be her weekly “Wednezzzdayz With Lizzza” videos or her appearing in her friends videos for a second, she’s always entertaining — and more importantly, herself. We haven’t seen anyone on the web quite like her and we appreciate that.

Since we just can’t stop watching her on every social media platform — and soon  on the big screen with Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween and on Hulu’s Freakish — here’s why we think Liza Koshy is the funniest woman on the internet:


She’s full of puns

And we here at ANDPOP love a good pun.


Her facial expressions


Even at a LIVE award show – she’s still herself


Oh, and when she spit out her gum – GOLD!


Shy about dancing in public? Not Liza.

liza koshy, gif

SOURCE: otpjaspar

And with a plunger no less.


What the Stranger Things theme song makes her do



Her end sequences on her boyfriends David Dobrik’s vlogs are so comedically brilliant

We just have to wonder. Who comes up with these hilarious endings?!


She also funny IRL

A life lesson is way more valuable than “money.”


Her hilarious musical.ly’s


Hey, nice background Liza.

liza koshy, twitter

SOURCE: lizzzako

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