YouTube Tuesday: Pokemon Fans NEED To Watch Kandee Johnson Transform Ricky Dillon Into Ash Ketchum

Posted on October 11, 2016 by
kandee johnson, ricky dillon

ANDPOP is obsessed with YouTube! That’s why — every Tuesday — we round up the videos from the past week that you should be watching, liking and sharing — all from the channels you should be subscribed to by now.

Ricky Dillon gets transformed into Ash Ketchum, a “Starboy” cover, fall in love with Paint in Paris, and enjoy a father and son crafting session.


Fall in love in Paris

While in the most romantic city in the world, Jon Cozart and his ukulele sing a love song that’s kind of heartbreaking — and enough for us to fall for Jon even more.


Nothing quite like an awkward father & son crafting

KickThePj spends some time with his “son” Bradley and plans a day of crafting. What seems like a “father” trying to spend time with his “son,” is a video too hilarious to miss out on.



Kandee Johnson proves yet again that she is by far one of the most talented makeup gurus on YouTube. The artist transformed fellow YouTuber Ricky Dillon into a spot on image of Pokemon’s Ash Ketchum. If that isn’t enough, here’s Johnson transforming Dillon into both Harry Potter AND Voldemort.


Alex Aiono is our “Starboy”

YouTuber/musician Alex Aiono took on The Weeknd’s newest single and hit, “Starboy” and put his classic Aiono spin on it.


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