10 Stupidly Easy TV Character Costume Ideas For Halloween

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October has us saying yes, to a month full of spooky stuff — but no to trying to sort out what the heck we’re going to wear when we inevitably attend some sort of costume event at work, school, or just a plain ol’ party.

Now  September has come to and end, you’re probably trying to sort out what you’re even going to do on October 31st — who needs to concentrate on school – but you’re also probably trying to sort out what you can wear on a budget. You’ve checked all the Halloween stores and are wondering, why is a costume of a banana forty dollars?


Realistically,  an actual ‘costume’ is going to cost you a full work day in retail — and that’s just horrible.

That’s why we’re here. To help you make your Halloween that much more enjoyable (and easier), here are 10 TV characters you can be this Halloween because who wants to put effort into a costumes when life is bothering you? Sometimes it’s just easiest to put together a costume with items you have tucked in your closet.


Mr. Robot’s Elliot Alderson

mr robot, rami malek, elliot alderson

SOURCE: rebloggy


  • A sweater with a hoodie
  • A worried/paranoid face


Shadowhunters’ Clary Fray

shadowhunters, clary fray

SOURCE: kmcnamaragifs


  • Black shirt
  • Black skinny jeans
  • Black leather jacket
  • Booties with heels
  • Curl your red hair (or red wig)
  • Runes mark on chest


Suits’ Harvey Specter

Suits, Harvey Specter, Gabriel Macht


  • Any suit in your closet
  • Good comebacks


Once Upon A Time’s Emma Swan


  • Black jeans & shirt
  • Leather jacket, preferably red/maroon
  • Be a badass


The 100’s Commander Lexa


alycia debnam carey, lexa, the 100

SOURCE: aussie-skate

  • Wear all black
  • Black shoulder pads
  • Black makeup around the eyes
  • Have belts/straps around your body (to look badass)
  • Be a fearless leader
  • If you want to be extra lazy, use the Snapchat filter (when it’s available)


Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper

bazinga, big bang theory

SOURCE: bigbangmemes


  • Any comic book short sleeved t-shirt with a long sleeved shirt underneath
  • Correct everyone all day
  • Act smart AF


Stranger Things’ Eleven

stranger things, eleven, millie bobby brown

SOURCE: decider


  • A cute pink dress
  • Layer with a blue bomber style jacket
  • Shave your head (or wear a blonde wig, whichever works)Stay silent
  • Eat a lot of waffles
  • Move shit with your mind (we know you can do it)


Shameless (USA)’s Lip Gallagher


  • Wear explicit shirts
  • Have a cigarette in hand


Orphan Black’s Helena

orphan black helena



  • A Buttoned blouse
  • Put a plaid dress on top
  • Frizzy, curly hair
  • Some red under and around your eyes
  • Call everyone “seestra”


Breaking Bad’s Walter White/Jesse Pinkman

breaking bad, jesse x walter

SOURCE: fanforum


  • A yellow hazmat suit (or a yellow onsie, we’re flexible)
  • Put on a mask to cover your nose and mouth

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