YouTube Tuesday: Harry Shum Jr Dances “Closer” To Us In This Beautiful Kina Grannis Cover

Posted on October 4, 2016 by
harry shum jr, kina grannis

ANDPOP is obsessed with YouTube! That’s why — every Tuesday — we round up the videos from the past week that you should be watching, liking and sharing — all from the channels you should be subscribed to by now.

Two beautiful covers, why we all hate bras and a sex talk from Arden Rose.

We didn’t know how badly we needed this collab

Kina Grannis is back with her subtle, beautiful tone covering The Chainsmokers’ newest hit “Closer,” while Shadowhunters star Harry Shum Jr dances his way into our hearts throughout the video.


A cover to amaze “this town”

Days after the release of Niall Horan’s debut single, Kurt Hugo Schneider, Kirsten Collins and Mario Jose teamed up to cover the sweet track — and it’s amazingly perfect.


How we feel when someone ignores our texts

Adande Thorne — aka Swoozie —  is known for his great story telling and animated videos, and this week is no different. A second parter to his hilarious “Textually Active” video, the YouTuber goes on to tell something we all can’t stand — someone who doesn’t text back but reads texts. The worst.


Arden Rose gives us a sex talk

It’s very nice, and refreshing to have someone like YouTuber Arden Rose who is open and willing to talk about a subject not touched upon often — and that’s exactly what she does in this Q&A where viewers asked everything and anything revolving around sex.


“I love bras” — said no one ever

Lilly Singh aka iiSuperwomanii knows the struggle. In her latest video, the YouTuber talks/rants about all the reasons why bras are horrible.


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