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The Evolution Of Hilary Duff: Her Life Story

Posted on September 30, 2016 by

We kind of grew up with Hilary Duff. We were awkward preteens when she played one on Lizzie McGuire, and she reflected a lot of our experiences in her many “coming of age” movies. Like us, she was figuring it out on the way.

From her time on Lizzie McGuire to raising her voice on screen — and on her iconic album Metamorphosis — our growing up was a whole shrine to Hilary Duff to think about it.  So, obviously we were all about her growing into motherhood — and making yet another splash on the music scene with Breathe In. Breathe out, and the small screen with Younger. 

Her Disney channel days helped her find her way into our hearts, but she crafted a permanent spot with her attitude, poise, talent and relatability.

Hit play for what dreams are made of — the entire life story of Hilary Duff


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