18 “OG” Fictional #OTP’s From The 90s

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Nowadays, Tumblr — and most of the internet — is a shrine to OTPs. You know, of the “one true pairings” from your favourite movies and TV shows.

These couples — whether they be wished for or existing — get blogs dedicated to them, “ship” names and, more often then not, yes — fanfiction. But long before we were rooting for Damon and Elena on Vampire Diaries (#Delenaor Hook and Emma on Once Upon a Time (#CaptainSwan), there was a whole slew of onscreen couples that had us screaming at our television screens every week…long before blog sets and gifs were a thing.

Cory and Topanda, Pacey and Joey, so many iconic couples from the 90s have gone down in history — and years later are the subject of countless gifs and throwback posts.

If you grew up in the 90’s, chances are, you are still rooting from those characters from your favourite PG rated sitcoms and Disney channel shows. You can call them our original #RelationshipGoals, if you will. These couples that had us believing that once we reached our high school years, we’d find a love like Kat Stratford and Patrick Verona or, end up in a loving marriage like Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky.

Yes, many OTPs have come and gone throughout the years, but we’d be amiss if we neglected to reminisce about some of our favourite 90’s OTPs.


Cory and Topanga (Boy Meets World)

boy meets world

SOURCE: drztk

One of the original OTPs, Cory and Topenga weren’t just high school sweethearts, they were childhood sweethearts. Yes, their love was tested through the years – refer back to the post cabin ski trip breakup – but it never died. The only other relationship that was this strong was, well, Cory and Shawn.


Kat Stratford and Patrick Verona (10 Things I Hate About You)

Just thinking about this one makes us smile. Yes, it started as a bet but once these two outsiders got to know each other, they realized that they actually had more in common than they thought. Thus, giving us iconic scenes like Patrick’s performance of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” in the school bleachers — and also Kat flashing the gym teacher to get him out of detention. This is true love people.


Will and Denise/Dee Dee  (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

fresh prince

SOURCE: minajvtrois

I’m just going to go ahead and say it – we needed more Dee Dee and Will in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. After seeing them bond over rap and straw walrus jokes, one episode just wasn’t enough…They were a match made in Bel Air heaven.



 Zack and Lainey (She’s All That)

Lainey was reserved and somewhat scared to let go and have fun — that is, until she met pompous football player, Zack Siler, who himself eventually learns that being popular, isn’t all that great. Lainey may have gotten the makeover, but they both end up helping each other to grow.



Luke and Lorelai (Gilmore Girls)

gilmore girls

SOURCE: fan1bsb97

So, technically, Luke and Lorelai was 2000 — but it sort of blended with ’99 anyway and exceptions have to be made for perfection such as this. It took some time for these two to finally get to relationship status but once they did, you better believe it was a celebration within the Gilmore Girls fandom.


Tommy and Kimberley (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

power rangers

SOURCE: tomberlylove

A couple that fights crime together, stays together. The Power Rangers wasn’t commonly known for it’s romance, but fans knew Kimberly (Pink Ranger) and Tommy (Black Ranger) were meant to be together. It only makes sense, since pink and black are amazing contrasting colours. It’s science, we don’t make the rules.


Zack and Kelly (Saved By The Bell)

saved by the bell

SOURCE: nancyslinda

What is there to say about Zack and Kelly other than the fact that they were always endgame. Sure they had breakups and tried seeing other people, but it never worked. It was always Zack and Kelly, and our Zack-loving hearts were jealous but content with that fact.


Sabrina and Harvey (Sabrina the Teenage Witch)

There was nothing not to love about Sabrina and Harvey’s relationship. It was adorable, pure and, even in the wackiest of situations, Harvey was always super supportive of her. While there was a moment when we all held our breath when Harvey broke up with her after finding out she’s a witch, they eventually got back together and rode off into the sunset. Okay, there probably wasn’t a sunset — but it adds effect.


Edward and Kim (Edward Scissorhands)

This might seem like an odd one, but the relationship between Edward and Kim was actually quite beautiful. Kim loved him regardless of his flaws and Edward, for the first time since his father / creator died, felt love and loved in return – only to be scared because he didn’t want to hurt her…we’re not crying. You are.


Ross and Rachel  (Friends)


SOURCE: routin-e

If there was one couple that had us screaming at our screens the most, it was Ross and Rachel. These two played the ultimate game of tug of war every season but finally – FINALLY – they made it work and proved they were it for each other. Even if they were on a break that one time.


Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky (Full House)

full house, john stamos

SOURCE: oirpac

Proving that they are still going strong in the shows spinoff, Fuller House, there’s only one thing to say about this Full House power couple: Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky were, and still are, the ultimate example of #RelationshipGoals. We mean, you can’t really beat Jesse writing and performing a song just for Becky on their wedding day. Have mercy.


Steve and D.J. (Full House)

full house

SOURCE: wildestdna

It was difficult narrowing it down to just one Full House couple so, here’s one more. D.J. and Steve were like the prequel to Jesse and Becky. The high school sweethearts were always meant to be together. Sorry, Matt (Fuller House reference there.)


Fran and Maxwell (The Nanny)

the nanny

SOURCE: boothseeley

No matter how wacky a situation Fran found herself in, or how out there her mother and grandmother were toward him, Maxwell was always there to lend his support. Through every breakup, every heartache, the man of her dreams was always there. Oh Mr. Sheffield, what a gentleman you are.


Nicole and Chase  (Drive Me Crazy)

These two were literally childhood friends who lived beside each other…and went to all the same schools together and shared a secret treehouse. The same tree house they revisited once they realized there was more to their friendship after prom… Can it get any cuter?


Kelly and Brandon (Beverly Hills 90210)


SOURCE: 90210kelly

The ultimate “couple next door,” Brandon and Kelly were real, pure and the bane of every Jason Priestly fan’s existence. We can all only hope to find out Brandon Walsh one day *sigh*.

Josie and Sam (Never Been Kissed)

never been kissed

SOURCE: teen

After having to endure years of name calling and being unlucky in love, Josie finally finds the man of her dreams while undercover on an assignment. In waltzes Sam Coulson, her dreamy blue-eyed “teacher” to prove that all those years of being single and called “Josie Grossie” meant nothing — and she is worthy of being loved.

Cher and Josh (Clueless)


SOURCE: giphy

So many times after one of Cher’s failed dates and dramatic speeches about being single, we wanted to reach through our screen and scream, JOSH IS RIGHT THERE, CHER! Eventually – because who could resist dreamy 90s Paul Rudd – these crazy kids gave in and proved they were meant to be all along.


Pacey and Joey (Dawson’s Creek)

dawson's creek

SOURCE: paceyandjoey

Before Team Edward and Jacob, there was Team Pacey and Dawson. Also known as the two best friends who spent 6 seasons vying for Joey Potter’s heart. And while we may have strayed and cheered on Dawson from time to time, Pacey loved and respected Joey on a whole other level that was beyond admirable. He recited poetry, gave her forehead kisses while cuddling… May we all find our very own Pacey Witter someday.

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