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Bella Thorne & Kian Lawley are “Shovel Buddies” In New Movie Trailer

Posted on September 27, 2016 by
shovel buddies

It’s a special moment when two of our faves come together for a mysterious, dramatic movie — especially when it’s for Awesomeness TV. Our #TeamInternet senses were tingling when Kian uploaded the trailer for the film to his channel, which also features our favourite sassy ginger Bella Thorne.

Both stars may have serious comedic timing, but this time around Bella and Kian opted for more serious roles in the darker film. Shovel Buddies chronicles the events that follow after teen Jimmy’s (Alex Neustaedter) best friend passes, leaving him with a request that pushes him to join forces with his crush (Thorne), ex-friend (Lawley) and little brother.

Even with its heavy themes however, doesn’t mean we won’t get silly Kian in this movie — because we definitely will. After all, he does sing in the trailer. Really, what we’re taking from this is Kian is in a drama with Bella Thorne and we can’t handle so much talent and good looks in one trailer. Also Kian in glasses.

Shovel Buddies is basically the next part in the endless installment of #TeamInternet doing incredible things, and we have a lot of proud mother feelings.

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